Olympic Dream = CFL Grey Cup champs vs. NFL Super bowl

I could not care any less about such a game. They're different sports, to my mind.

There are attempts to make American football an Olympic sport. It's WAY down the road at best, but if they maintained the amateur aspect of it, I would welcome that. Canada has done quite well in competition against the U.S. under American rules and usually playing on their turf. Canada won the last three NFL Global Junior Championship tournaments (2005 to 2007) until that was done away with, then won the IFAF U19 championship as well in 2012.


That's an interesting thought. Part of growing up a young CFL fan in Southern Ontario on the 90s and 00s has always been comparing and contrasting American football to Canadian football to my TV watching, video game playing friends; most of whom had little to no exposure to the CFL.

Sometimes I carry a train of thought that has Canadian and American football as separate sports. However, more often I consider them variants of the same sport. They have common roots, both originate from Rugby and have evolved to borrow each other's innovations (more often American innovations) through the 20th century to the present. More than half of the players on CFL rosters were trained playing American football.

At what point does a sport cease to be a variant and become a sport unto itself? When did North American football cease to be rugby for example?

I really don't see any CFL team having a chance against a team like the Broncos, regardless of the rules. I think a CFL team could score points playing on CFL sized field and with CFL rules, as all the movement would probably confuse the crap out of an NFL team, but even then it would probably only make the score somewhat respectable. CFL teams aren't built for an NFL field, they would get killed having no motion.

Who cares, not going to happen this game. Move on. No modern era data. All just people’s personal opinions.

At one time in the early-to-mid 80s there was a proposal from someone in Vancouver to have a CFL All-star team play a team of selects from the NFL teams that did not make the playoffs at BC Place. The idea went nowhere.

How many NFL teams have a chance against Denver this season, About the same amount would do as well against the Riders!

CFL teams could adjust to the NFL game, All imports grew up playing U.S rules, Increase roster for CFL team with CFL rep,s and just sub DE, as LB on NFL running downs, etc.

At first thought I would say with the down system.

But specific to American vs Canadian, there are some positions for which a different skill set is preferable for Canadian ball and to me that's what sets it apart. Would some American players make the transition without difficulty? No doubt. But as an example, I think some defensive linemen would struggle with the 1-yard gap at the line of scrimmage. And linebackers that are known for playing "sideline-to-sideline" might find it harder to do on the larger field.

Agreed and further, big fat lineman from the No Funners would definitely be out of shape and then there is the 20 second clock no team from the visitors could easily adjust to.

Yep, the huge NFL players might dominate early but by the 4th Q, those big linemen would be needing an oxygen tent. There's football shape...and then there's CFL shape. Just running off and on the huge CFL field would be tiring (sometimes after only 3 plays) then running your guts out on punt coverage, kickoffs, missed field goals, etc, the NFL'ers would be seriously dragging their heels late in the game. Could you imagine a 250-lb NFL LB trying to cover an Owens or Durie out of the backfield...then keeping it up for 60 minutes? The CFL players would win running away. In time, once the NFL'ers slimmed down and got into CFL shape, they might be able to keep up and give us a game :thup: !

How many players can dress for a game in the NFL? Lack of substitutions could be a factor

Yeah they never played a full game at Canadian rules and when you look at the stats they never really bested us very much at the time played at Canadian rules during those games way back when.

We could beat them definitely over a full Canadian rules game which they never would agree too as it would almost assuredly give us the victory.

People don't realize the differences and they just think because it has robots in its broadcasts and big hype that it means its the best in the world, it just simply isn't.

In the NFL, a team dresses 53 for a game. In the CFL it is 42.

Well, for this year it could be (likely)

Riders vs. Seahawks
Riders vs. Patriots
Riders vs. Broncos

Even though I'm a huge Rider fan, I wouldn't give them much of a chance in any of those contests, even if they played by Canadian Rules

Wrong!!!! The NFL allows teams to dress 46 players per game from a roster of 53, 7 players are declared inactive .The CFL allows a roster of 46 players with 42 dressed per game,4 players declared inactive.Thus only a difference of 4 players between both leagues on a game day roster.The difference being that NFL has 22 starters as opposed to 24 in the CFL,and most NFL teams only carry 1 back-up QB as opposed to 2 in the CFL.

Typical break-down of game day rosters between CFL and NFL

CFL....42 Players active.....24 starters/2 b.up Q.B's/2 kickers/14 back-up players
NFL....46 Players active.....22 starters/1 b.up Q.B./2 kickers/21 back-up players

The NFL being an 11 man sport as opposed to the CFL at 12 per side,and usually only carrying 1 extra Q.B translates to only 4 more players dressed than CFL teams,but affords most teams in the NFL with 7 more back-up positions at their disposal for game day rosters,which indeed gives the NFL the advantage of greater flexibility and depth on their rosters as compared to the CFL game day roster.I've stated before that I would like to see the CFL increase game days from 42 to 46 active,as they could add more flexibility and depth for special teams and in the event of ingame injuries.

...I just have to ask ArgoT, you've often stated you don't even watch the NFL, many times you've stated this, so how would you even know the quality of their players? seems someone is drinking their own brand of sugar-flavoured crystal mix added to water....

Under the agreement CFL made with the NFL over ten years ago the Grey Cup Champion was to play the NFL Europe Champion but that never happened.

Of course I don't watch the No Funners.
However I cannot help being inundated with Sportcenter highlights and here on my local stations during the newscasts.
The best times during the only football off season being the CFL, is on Sundays when I rarely tune in the TV and read some good books or spend the winter outside.
Unlike you, I do not consume Kool Aid.

...i don't like the taste of poison either, but euphemisms aside if you do not know the product you are commenting on you become unqualified to champion it or criticize it, plain and simple....if you watched both leagues you'd quickly see that the overall talent level in NFL exceeds the overall talent level in the CFL, I don't really see how you could argue otherwise (unless you don't watch both leagues, which explains your situation)...

Marshawn Lynch is better than Kory Sheets
Peyton Manning is better than Ricky Ray
Michael Crabtree is better than Fred Stamps

..the comparisons don't really end...if you don't like hearing it from me ask sambo, he'll tell you the same

..that said, keep on championing the CFL as we all do, if everyone was as passionate about our league as you there would be no passion left to go about...and reads books in the off season, nothing wrong with that, happy reading...

Would be an interesting game for sure. If watching how some of the fresh NFL cuts who are playing for CFL struggle with CFL rules is any indication it might be hilarious to watch an entire NFL team try to adjust. On the flip side it would be interesting to see Milo trying to kick a 52 yard FG when in fact it was a 62 yarder! I would also like to see how the Roughriders would handle those Fair catches on punt returns. Would they remember to raise their arm and wave it? I'd also love to see how the last 3 minutes of the game would play out for NFL players. They would think the clock was broken.

You are no more qualified then I am and you also have an opinion, which I do not agree with.
Comparing those players is your opinion which again I do not agree with.
Two different games, just like comparing NHL hockey to the more wide open European style.