Olympic Dream = CFL Grey Cup champs vs. NFL Super bowl

Bring it on. CFL Saskatchewan Roughriders vs. Super Bowl Champs playing CFL rules on the wide field.

Riders would thump them all!!! :cowboy: :rockin: :thup: :thup: 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) :wink:

Please stop with this nonsense.

It’s not nonsense, we would like to see this happen in a perfect world, but the Americans will never let it happen as they have way too much at stake.

i just want to see the Buffalo Bills vs Toronto Argonauts.

Its too bad that in the modern era, an exhibition match cannot happen. In the 50s and 60s the seasons both sides of the border were shorter and lined up such that the exhibition season was at a similar time. Since then the Canadian season expanded into summer while the American season expanded into winter. So the CFL's exhibition season is too early for NFL camps and by the time NFL clubs are playing exhibition games, the CFL is 5-8 games into their regular season. Stringent working conditions of players unions would also be a hinderance.

The other thing is that football continues to become ever more the specialists game. In the 50s and 60s when NFL/AFL and CFL teams were playing exhibition matches against each other, the rosters were still relatively small. Many players played both ways. Lineman occasionally served as kickers. I reckon the games weren't executed significantly different in Canada and the United States despite the rules differences. With teams today fine tuned to do nothing but win the championship of their respective leagues, there isn't an incentive for teams to partake in a cross border exhibition.

That said, in an imaginary world, I'd like to see a 2 game series between the champions of the NFL and CFL. Home and home. Home team rules for each game.

this is a very silly idea IMO.
The riders were a good CFL team but not an all time great, they would not beat the NFL's mid level teams never mind the champions.
And I prefer the CFL.

[url=http://www.mmbolding.com/BSR/CFL-NFL_Hamilton_Tiger-Cats_vs_Buffalo_Bills_1961.htm]http://www.mmbolding.com/BSR/CFL-NFL_Ha ... s_1961.htm[/url]

Well,the Cats already kicked the Bills arses in a game in 1961 :lol: :rockin: :smiley: Read all about it,in the link above. :cowboy:

I would also like to see a Bills vs Argos game. Based on current rosters, I'd give the Argos the edge with either American or Canadian rules.

I wouldn't be so sure. If playing Canadian rules, a roster built and a team trained year-round to execute Canadian football would be competitive against any NFL team with only a week or two to prepare and vice versa.

If your basis for comparison is relative talent, we have to remember the professional football in its entirety constitutes no more than the top 2 or 3% of draft eligible players regardless of relative salaries. The competitive edge comes largely in how teams are put together and prepare.

But I'm just always skeptical of hype. Especially that of the American entertainment industry.

Absolutely not.
Our rules we win every time, their rules they win.
That's the reality.

Oh Turkey, you really need to check the expiry date on the eggnog BEFORE you chug it....


Absolutely agree with you.
I cannot believe how so called football fans fall for the American hype, how it must be better because it is American.
After all they call themselves "World Champions" in everything.
Those of you who think this way, stay off the Kool Aid.

We would get murdered. They stoppped the game in the 60's between the the CFL and NFL , CFL guys were getting hurt. To big , just as fast and he talent pool to great. Love the CFL and It's our game and that is enough for me !
The Millions they pay in the NFL , attract the best athletes. Nobody sets out to play for 60 k a year.

I agree that the record was incredibly in the American team's favour. There were 7 exhibitions played between NFL/AFL and CFL teams between 1950 and 1961. The record was 6-1 for the American clubs. The lone Canadian victory came via the Tiger-Cats defeat of the AFL Bills in the last of these cross border matches. I don't know that there were stopped due to injury. I can see that as the schedules were expanded, the exhibition seasons ceased to coincide.

That said, it is my understanding with the smaller roster sizes and the respective games more so in their evolutionary infancy, the advantage would have been with the American clubs. They would have strictly got the biggest and fastest athletes and executed the fundamentals better than the Canadian teams. Canadian clubs weren't taking advantage of the useful liberties of the Canadian rules at the time. Rosters weren't stocked with players custom picked for their suitability to the Canadian game as they are today. Players who have gone between leagues add or drop 25 pounds or change positions entirely to adapt to the league they intend on playing in today. I don't know that this level of specialization existed in the era of NFL/CFL exhibition games.

Perhaps the CFL teams would get murdered regardless. I wouldn't be so assertive in saying so until I see a modern cross border matchup.

Gulp, there goes another glass of Kool Aid.
Just because an athlete gets more money does not equate to being better.
Have you also heard it's a team effort and this is even more important in the game of football.

yes, but when you have children allowed to post this is what happens.

lol...........................who knows, maybe the champion of the ECHL (East Coast Hockey League) could knock off the Stanley Cup champions, after all they get a fraction of the pay of NHL players and there is the odd player who makes it to the NHL, like you say money doesnt' equate to being better.

Outdoor pro football is more limited than North American pro hockey. There is the CFL and the NFL. 41 pro clubs. That's it. Consider the Arena Football League if you will but the CFL is not to the NFL what the ECHL is to the NHL. The talent from the 32nd best NFL team does not drop by a factor of 25 to the talent of the best CFL team as the salary does.

Add the nuances of the very particular game and roster rules of each league and the proportionality of money to relative talent is further muddied.

The CFL would never let it happen.

I'm a die hard CFL fan, but let's be honest here, the CFL team would get beat and if the beating is hard that would give the anti CFL media and fans more credibility when they say the CFL is minor league.

Absolutely nothing to be gained for the CFL by doing this. Move on.

That's ridiculous.
I have already prefaced how the other league would not touch this possibility with a proverbial 10 foot pole.
It's the CFL that has nothing to lose.
I do not subscribe to your theory how the NFL are the best just because they are the NFL.
That is shallow thinking.
Do you know over the years what happened to the NBA when they would get smoked recently in the Olympics, how about baseball.