Olivia Newton-John Tickets for Sale!

OK OK, before everybody gets all over me the tickets are not mine. My in-laws have a great pair of tickets that they cannot use. The tickets have a face value of $73.67 each. ( $147.34 total )

Where: Niagara Fallsview Casino in the Avalon Ballroom

Who: Olivia Newton-John

When: Friday November 10, 2006 @ 8:30PM

Seating location as follows,

Level: FLR
Section: FL1
Row: R
Seats: 3 & 4

Best offer over $100.00 takes them. The buyer must be able to meet me in Hamilton to complete the deal.

See the link below that will show you how good these tickets are.


What a great way to spend a Friday nite and lose your shirt at the tables all in a smoke free enviorment.

PM me if your interested.


you're bloddy kidding me

Word is that there are a block of counterfeit tickets floating around for that show Friday night and many have been sold in Hamilton.

The printer probably took a bath on those.

An Argo fan

I fully expected this type of ridicule. I hope my in-laws appreciate the beating i'm taking here.


Now if only those were Barry Manilow tickets....Mikey would jump on them in a flash....that is, if you were giving them away!!!

free?.free?.....did I hear free?.....

Nope to Manilow.....yup to Olivia



Who knows? You might even weasel a free meal out of it if you played your cards right!!!

Can't use the O N-J tickets but if you ever come across a pair for Neil Sedaka, lemme know asap.

An Argo fan

Maybe the new coach can adopt the
“Lets get physical” theme song in camp in honour of Mike619.

Or when pairing down the roster, coaches could sing “you are the one that I want”
or “Hopelessly devoted to you”

They could have a movie night with Grease and Xanadu double bill.
Maybe have John Travolta and Olivia sing the anthem for the Black and Gold game.

I can see this working!!

ya think?....I like playing cards.....euchre is my game.

That's hilarious!

The post (three above) is not.

It's childish - but typical of some.

I envy those going to the concert. It is always a pleasure to hear her on the oldies. You should use the tickets yourself, it is a golden opportunity.

Wow! You get to post using two different username's....Mikey and ehbet....pretty neat!!!

You can't fool the pope......No matter how hard some people try.


Nice of "the gang" to bump your thread with this drivel mike! :roll:

Did you ever consider perhaps just giving the tickets away to a registered charity??? I'll give you an example...The Canadian Cancer Society could issue a tax receipt for the face value, which may end up being close to what you would accept on the open market! At the same time, you would be putting a smile on the face of someone who would appreciate the tickets! Just something to think about! :wink:


If anyone is losing any sleep thinking I am possibly posting with multiple usernames, all one has to do is contact the administration at either ticats.ca or mrx.ca and have their team of techies do a thorough analysis, fill out a report, have it notarized for your peace of mind and a copy thereof sent to you, complete with an autographed 8 x 10 glossy from the legal firm of Hilton, Richie and Associates.

:wink: :lol:

Gee thanks WOODY for the tip about the tickets. I'll run your idea past my in-laws since the tickets belong to them.

If you consider this drivel why respond to it? When you do that you just keep this thread you detest so much alive.

Something to think about eh chum.


Mike...if you would take a look...I was talking about the "drivel" directed at another poster.."AND YOU KNOW IT". You will also notice I posted imediately after the last post...so I certainly wasn't "Keeping it alive".

just "something to think about eh chum" :roll:

Your priceless..................But thanks for continuing to keep this thread alive.

May I suggest if you have an issue with someone elses post on this thread ( as you stated in your last post ) that you not waste everybodys time posting on this thread with your high and mighty moral agenda. Send them or a Mod ( or both ) a PM.