Oliveira scores twice as Bombers dominate at home

WINNIPEG — It wasn’t about getting revenge for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, but it did have that extra flavour to beat a previously red-hot BC Lions team 50-14 on Thursday.

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Interesting that Bighill gets away with that hit on Evans without penalty when Demarcus Christmas was penalized for merely tackling him in the endzone and a safety taken off the board. Same as Sankey being penalized for hitting O’Connor las year, same hit Bighill gets away with. Seems to be a double standard in this league with rules that apply to some and not to others.

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What a convincing win! Don’t detract from an article about Brady’s outstanding play to knock officiating. The Bombers simply shined.


Always look on the bright side of life😁



Did you even watch the game? Bighill was penalized for “merely tackling” someone later in the game Or did you choose to ignore this FACT because it does not fit your double standard rant?

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Don’t kid yourself the league has it out for the Riders. When you defend Marino to all extent you’re going to pay. I can see the league continuing this trend for another 100 years, imaging 4 GC’s in over 2 centuries of football…IN A NINE TEAM LEAGUE. Or maybe Bighill’s tackle was legal and there’s nothing to talk about here.

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