Oliveira: 'I want to be a part of why this team wins championships'

It doesn’t matter if Brady Oliveira is training at the Winnipeg Blue Bombers’ facilities at Princess Auto Stadium or if like right now, he’s on the other side of the world in Bali helping to rescue dogs. The freshly re-upped star tailback — he signed a two-year extension on Tuesday that’ll keep him in his hometown team’s colours through 2025 — is driven by doing his part to help his team win more Grey Cups.

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Well the Bombers have CHOKED the last two championships and Oliveira was there helping with that Choke. I guess he wants to continue with that tradition instead of moving on to a more potential winning team.

Only won 2 of the 4 so far and had to hang on for dear life to win the second one. Their great defense has a habit of cratering in the clutch so Brady might see that window close sooner than he thought.

While it was not fun to watch my team lose Grey Cups to two 11-7 teams, I take comfort in the fact that I have not seen them lose a Grey Cup to a 9-9 team, or even an 8-9-1 team. That would be really embarrassing.


At least we are .500 in the Grey Cup game during our run.


Yes. No team is known for choking in the Grey Cup more than Calgary and therefore the comments made are ironic.


Yes, playing on 4 Grey Cups in a row is terrible. Nowhere near what your Riders have done. Not sure why you have to try and turn Brady signing into a negative. It’s not.

And as to windows closing, check any odds and you will see that the Bombers are the pre season favourite to win the Cup and the odds are set by those whose job is dependent on getting it right, so I’ll take their opinion over everyone else’s.


Are their jobs really dependent on them getting it right? I mean if that’s true they were wrong two years in a row. And were wrong the first year the Bombers won their grey cup lol, i mean they’re wrong most of the time. “experts opinions” mean nothing

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I’m pretty sure the people who set the Grey Cup odds are the Meteorologists I see on the evening news every night. There is a 70% chance of light, followed by dark overnight with a temperature of pretty good.

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Yeah they do. We had a discussion on this a couple of years ago. Picking favourites and setting spreads is arguably the most important job in Vegas and certainly is at FanDuel, etc. Screwing that up consistently would mean unemployment. These are the real experts and they have no personal involvement with a team and don’t need to be funny or informative, unlike “experts” that are writers or commentators. Even the top pool participants on the forum, who are clearly more “expert” than the writers, couldn’t hold a candle to the oddsmakers. Being the best doesn’t mean they are perfect, just that they are better than anyone else. See the movie Casino and the character Ace Rothstein, Lefty Rosenthal in real life. He only lived because of his ability to pick games. True story.

My point was in response to a poster stating that the Bombers window is closing. That statement isn’t supported when the top predictors on the planet have them as Grey Cup favourites.