What the heck are we going to do......Sheridan is down again, Goodspeed is gone for the year and what we have left is not working out. Why hasnt Taman started airlifting in olinemen instead of receivers, or made a trade....what do you think.

How long is sheridan out for this time?

....Garrick Jones has been cut.....this guy is a monster on the 'o' line..... a former Bomber great before heading south...probably better than Goodspeed.
Taman better get on the hot-line....look Garrick up....and tell him he's more than welcome.... :thup: :wink:

Jones was a good one thats for sure, it would be worth starting 2 maybe even 3 imports on the oline just to ensure Glenn gets max protection.....there is no question now that our season will be riding on Glenns health.