I think it still matters. Even if you start two Canadian defensive tackles, how many back-ups do you need? I just have a hard time believing you'll get face value in a trade for any of these guys when teams know you don't have a choice but to get rid of them.

According to Herb, the Als players have described the situation in Montreal as "dysfunctional". Not a good sign. Mind you, two years in a row with a questionable head coach (Hawkins and Higgins). Chip Cox is another player who could be available.

As good as Carter has been at times, I found it interesting that Green has not continued to be the go to player. Sure saw the difference in the EF this year. Mind you, if Breaux was on Green and not Carter, would he have been as successful?

Your right it does matter but keep in mind that a Canadian tackle is going to cost you at least 200k, next year probably 225. Most of those kids playing DL are making 75k or less. If Dykowski returns, you draft a couple OL prospects and you use the Fantuz/Giguere money on a top import receiver or a NI Tackle. I think that's the way to go but also depends on who else you have to replace and who is available. I'm sure Hamilton went after Josh Bourke last year but you don't always get what you want. Then there is the SMS...

That and if your a receiver, you've got to look at the QB situation as it impacts your earning potential big time.

Except that the criticism of this team over the last couple of years, and especially in last year's Grey Cup was the lack of rush and run stopping ability of the Dline, so they had to reinforce and improve there. That seems to be addressed, so likely they will now focus on the Oline this offseason.

Yes. Hopefully that and the NI receivers.

"If I was Hamilton, my #1 target in FA would be SJ Green, the difference yesterday was Calgary's superior receiving corps. when your sitting a healthy Joe West...I'd definitely spend the money on Green instead of Giguere and Fantuz."

This is nonsense - We have an excellent receiving corps! The problem is a weak O-line that can't create a proper pocket and a QB who has happy feet and trouble making reads downfield. I don't blame Collaros - He's doing the best with the protection he has but he doesn't have much.

Fantuz and Giguere caught every pass that was thrown to them in the Grey Cup! What do you think SJ Green would that they didn't?

Get rid of many of the O-Line players, maybe keep Wojt and Dykowski, Cats need to build a solid all-Canadian Offensive Line, to give them more flexibility in other areas with imports at wide receiver, we need at least two or three solid fast wide recievers we have one in Banks, get rid of Sinkfield and Yes someone like S.J. Green would be great. Tasker had a good year and reminds me a lot of Flutie when he played, Fantuz and Bakari Grant, not sure on Ellingson he certainly has the ability and the same with Koch depending if they can stay healthy.

Good yes, excellent I don't agree. Fantuz has seen his best days. On top of bring brittle he has no speed left. Tasker is fine as a 2nd down short yardage guy, reminds me a lot of Cahoon and makes Fantuz even more expandable considering salaries. SJ is a big target and excellent in the red zone. Something that was sorely lacking most of the season and yesterday again. Giguere well he can't catch on the run and you can count on the finger of one hand the tackles he broke for YAC yards.

I don't see how you can disagree that adding the best receiver in the league (voted by players) does not improve that group of receivers.

yah the difference was O-Line. we gave Bo way to much time to pass, its easy for wr's to get open.

but I'd sure like SJ on this team :thup:

Sammy G is hopefully replaceable. Fantuz isn’t imo. hes also a big target with clutch (hate using that word) hands and when healthy is a focus for defenses. Grant unfortunately would be the odd man out I’d think if they could get SJ.

Oline is priority obviously

An improved O Line would be a top priority if I was sitting in Austin's chair. My second priority would improve the receiver group by getting rid of Fantuz, who is often hurt and without any speed. Sam Gigure wants to be in Montreal, that fine with me because he is not a wide receiver and probably a second string slot back at best. I would also consider getting rid of Bakari Grant. Neither of the three have done much this year and if you notice other teams have no difficulty finding and retaining quality receivers. Calgary, BC and Toronto seem to have the knack of finding really good receivers. With he money you save on Fantuz, Gigure and Grant they should be able to find a big quick receiver with soft hands. At this present time the Cats have no deep except for Banks. I can't get over the fact Ellingston , Kock, and McDuffie could not break the lineup and replace Grant. So if I were Austin I would shore up the OLine with Canadians and protect Collaros and find players who can stretch the field at wide receiver. Austin needs to put quick players in space and that would be a tremendous start to fixing the problems the Cats have. The reason why the Cats were unsuccessful in the red zone....... poor O Line and not enough quality receivers.

Agree on OLine. Earlier the thread took an S J Green turn. With a salary cap, even if we don't want Green that much (and I don't at least at the price I think he will get), we want his salary bid up so that whoever does get him doesn't have the cap room to be as competitive in signing the players we want.


Put Fantuz and Giguere together and they can't give you what Green would bring. He's the real deal... legitimate deep threat speed, excellent hands, athleticism, good size, great competitor... all in one package.

Fantuz is fading fast... has lost a lot of speed over the past couple of seasons in particular and seems to be more intent on avoiding hits now then gaining yards when he does catch the ball. Some were praising Fantuz for throwing a couple of down-field blocks in the EDF. Other than that, he was invisible in that crucial game and you don't pay a receiver $200,000 per to throw chip blocks... even if he's a non-import! Tasker is a much more important clutch possession receiver than Fantuz on this team now.

Giguere never looked like he really wanted to be here from the start. IMO, he is what he is and has probably reached his potential as a receiver. Has speed but doesn't know how to use it and doesn't seem to compete for balls when in tight coverage and can't break tackles. Based on what I've seen, I'm mystified as to how he stayed on an NFL practice squad so long.

Except for the fact they are non-imports, neither of these players can justify taking the money they are being paid IMO.

At the moment the ratio required Giguere and Fantuz (or at least two Nationals) given Cats have only two starting National O-Linemen. Another starting National OG (Dyakowski?) and we can probably get by with one of Fantuz or Giguere or another National receiver we don't have now. I'd like to keep them both but might not be possible with the salary cap.