Cant state the obvious any more here. But it really needs to be addressed next year!!

CGY rushed 3 at the end of the game and still managed to get to Zack. How does that happen?

Having Dyakowski and Wojt back in the lineup will make a huge difference. Keep this years lineup, add those two, and we win the Grey Cup next year.

Having those two back will help. But we had them last year and didn't exactly dominate the line of scrimmage. I think we need at least one additional stud O-lineman. The strength of that unit is the single biggest difference between us and Calgary. And it does make a difference of Cup or no Cup.

Prediction: Dyakowski will be back. Wojt won't. Not that they won't try to resign Greg or that he won't resign. I;m just suspect that his injury is fairly serious.

Expect them to go after a Top NI FA Olineman. Tyler Holmes. Ben Heenan. Brett Jones. Matt O'Donnell. Joe Epple. Heenan & Jones will command the most $'s & most likely stay in Sask & Calgary. The other 3 would be interesting.

We have a LOT of Canadian depth on the D-line, especially adding Gill & Girard in the 2014 draft. (Gill Girard.... didn't he play Buck Rodgers?) I can see some of that depth being used as trade bait in the off-season, whether that's used to find help on the O-line or somewhere else.


It was a tale of two O-lines. Calgary's was superior and made Mitchell look better than he is. Collaros did so well last year in place in Ray in part because the Argos have a good O-lIne. It is a fundamental part of the game and a weakness for the Cats for the past few years.

Doing without half of your starting Oline for an entire season and the playoffs is costly. You can be assured that if the Stamps had the same problem, Mitchell would not have been nearly as effective yesterday. Like the week before when they beat up an Eskimo team with a hobbled quarterback.

I give Calgary marks for their win. Hamilton will be much more effective next season with their STARTING offensive line in place.

Disagree this O line needs a total overall, new players should be brought in if there is top young Canadian Beaf available

That's not likely as every other team in this league covets these players. Heenan is the only free agent that comes to mind and it's highly improbable he will leave the green.

Hamilton has the ratio flexibility anyway. I’d draft for OL instead of spending 200k on the FA market for one. Better off spending the money on keeping Breaux and Banks. I think those are the two key FA for Hamilton. I could see Breaux getting some NFL interest.

Actually after the season that both of them have had, I can see NFL interest in Banks too. He's had a great season and an even more impressive playoff run.

Yes, they should be a signing priority for Kent Austin. I just don't see any great Canadian O linemen coming available. The last time we went this route, it wasn't overly successful (Steve Myddelton).

Its a great crop of OL in this year's draft anyway. If I was Hamilton, my #1 target in FA would be SJ Green, the difference yesterday was Calgary's superior receiving corps. when your sitting a healthy Joe West...I'd definitely spend the money on Green instead of Giguere and Fantuz.

If they lose Breaux to the NFL probably would look at Tisdale if available.
I can also see Hamilton moving a Canadian Defensive linesman. There will be a log jam there.

Mike Filer has been an atrocity all season. We need a centre.

I hope so, but I have a hard time believing you'll get much when teams know you'll have to cut some. Bulcke, Atkinson, Gaydosh, Laurent, Pesek, Girard, Gill, Hazime. Eight Canadian DT's. Probably should have been drafting some offensive linemen these last two years.

Doesn't really matter. It allows Hamilton to play import OL instead of DL. Same difference and Import tackles are much cheaper than NI ones.

I was surprised when I read in the Gazette (on line) and saw that Green was possibly looking to leave Montreal. However, this could be posturing by he and his agent for more money, like the Heenan situation in Regina.

The writer also said that Giguere was looking to move to Montreal, as it’s closer to home for him (something that was concerning when Hamilton first signed him).

Not sure about Tisdale. He wasn’t that impressive when he was here previously.

Hickman was only here until the end of the season. Gaydosh is here on a one year deal and I’m sure still has a hankering for the NFL. Other CFL teams might be leary on that scenario. Brian Bulcke is still healing. If there is a log jam, it will be small.

SJ Green would definitely help our Airforce why is Speedy our only deep ball reciever lately ? We need to stretch the field alote more for sure

SJ is at the peak of his career. I can understand that the gong show in Montreal has him looking elsewhere. There was even suggestions that he was going to be traded to Saskatchewan but then Montreal turned their season around. Pushing him aside for a transient like Carter was also a mistake. Sucks but I get it.

Sinkfield was supposed to bring more speed to the receiving corp.

I think he did but SJ's size,hands and leadership are tops in the league right now IMO.