Oline will be a competition

Listening to the Esks this week podcast Jones would not pick out any names of FA brought in and players who are returning, especially the Canadian players.
Import LT Tony Washington was a big part in a deal with the Argos the one guy they did talk about suring up the Oline, I imagine meaning at LT.
Canadians returning or newly Acquired likely to play on the interior.
Gord Hinse C
Justin Soreson C/G
Brian Ramsey C/G
Andrew Jones G
Simons Rottier G
Adam Baboulas G
All of the above players have expereince in starting or as a top Back up on the interior.

Christopher Mercer T spent 2013 on PR.

Matt O'Donnell LG/RT ESKS lineman of the year and IMHO can do both very well and is as good a RT as anyone that the Esks may have as imports.

Tony Washington Import traded specifically to play LT and is hitting his prime.

Thadeaous Coleman. A pro football Journeyman starting with NFL PRs in 2008, AFL, CFL, UFL, and AFL before 2013 started all 18 game at LT. probably good reason to look to upgrade with Washington but does not mean he cannot keep a stop as a back up OT or starting RT ( Although I am thinking Jones and Co. will be looking to spring O'donnel into a CanadianRT.

Jones pulled a couple of NFL/AFL Journeyman out of his camps as well