Oline starters opening day

from left to right
LT Coleman import 6'8"
LG O'Donnel Canadian 6'11
C Hinse Canadian 6'4"
RG Rottier Canadian 6'6"
LT Louis import 6'8"

Playing against the experienced rush Ends Foley and Chick vs the Riders probably led to the decision to go with both the more experienced Coleman and Louis at the OT spots leaving the future all Canadian Oline onhold for now
Both O'Donnell RT and Scott Mitchell LT both have a big upside for the future but for now placing them in the hands of Foley or Chick to start the season was probably a no brainer for the ESKS.
The attnetion has been mostly on O'donnel at RT coming out of the CIS and Queens but I like Mitchell a lot a lot better competition playing for DI rice at both OT spots along with two full years and solid PT for the esks

That's a huge line! Especially the left side.