Oline Signing John Hashem


He's a big boy, with Morris & Bestard, I'm liking the direction we are going with the oline.

Walby like in size...he IS a big boy.

GOOd signing, heard he signed a 3 yr deal also so might be a developmental player of types but isnt he a tackle? a canadian tackle? if so, good thing.. huge guy, just massive. i like that. would be nice if we could go all canadian on the oline.. how many canadians do u have to start 7? all canadian oline + brown + logan = 7. throw in arthur, u got , maybe hargreaves 9.. not bad. Wasnt this guy drafted by calgary last year tho so how do the bombers get his rights? FREE AGENT? was he released? whats up.

......this IS a very good signing......He just has to get a little of Chris Walbys technique down and ....boom....we have ourselves a 'big' NI impact player.. :wink: