OLine/ DLine

Our Oline couldn't block my Grandma on a three man rush and our Dline couldn't stop a nose if it started to run.

These two lines are the reason for the bad season.

It doesn't matter who our QB is if they only have a second to make a play before needing to run for their lives and running the ball has clearly been abandoned for the same reasons. Angus Reid looks old and slow, Valle may as well just sit down, Jiminez is slow and easily beat wide and the rest are still spinning around looking for their blocking assignement.

Meanwhile we allow their QB to look amazing and seem to grant every RB who comes in a career game. Our DBs will not be able to do anything when a QB has all day to make a play against them. We simply cannot penetrate their offense. Too small and inneffective. We need a few monsters to create havoc yet we continue to put Glatt back in.

When you add to these problems receivers who are giving up on plays (Simon) and linebackers who are completely inneffective (Glatt) we get what we have now....a great high school football team...

....one that is getting schooled every game.