O'Leary: Winnipeg gets wintery for Western Final

WINNIPEG — Willie Jefferson sounded every bit the local as he assessed what sat outside of IG Field on Friday.

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“Ice beards are elite”

-Adam Bighill



This article sums up why I think the Bombers will win as well as anything I’ve read this week.

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If the Bombers win this Sunday it’s because they are the better team not because the Lions are cold. Most of BC saw lots of snow and cold weather to start the week.

Vancouver get’s the wet cold and let me tell ya that feels even colder to a fella from the Interior. Bombers would be in trouble if this game was being played at the old Empire Stadium… maybe.

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I loved Empire. Football is an outdoors game - sun, rain, snow, sleet, wind, whatever. BC Place feels like a manicured coffin.

I understand what you mean about being out in the elements but nothing beats a game in a sold out BC Place with the floor vibrating as the Wave rolls towards you. Best Grey Cup I ever saw live was when BC defeated Baltimore to keep the Cup in Canada :canada:

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Also something not mentioned here was the weather in last year's western final, minus something in the teens and a stiff wind blowing - December 5th; that was cooooold. Brew & Cold have a huge advantage.

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Welcome to Winterpeg says Adam Bigchill, Chilli Jefferson & Ice O'Shea.


As a Tiger Cat fan, I want to wish all of the remaining teams the very best. I am still on mourning from our loss last week. Yes, I know it is over and after 74 years if cheering for my Cats, I should be stronger - but after watching every game, I find it hard not to be cheering for them now when the real fun is about to begin. Excuse me while I give my last Oskee-wee-wee for 2022.


I hear ya. Hoping the Cats do whatever is needed to be successful in a home Grey Cup next year. " Tigers - eat 'em raw!"

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I'm hoping your Cats host our Bombers as we try to make it 4 Championships in a row! :partying_face: :boom: :anger: :beaver: