O'Leary: Who's still out there, two days into FA?

In the first day of free agency, we saw a flurry of activity across the league. Day 2 of free agency has rolled at a slower pace.

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I think a good fit for Brandon Banks would be with BC. Return game last year was frankly, quite pitiful. Banks would give them that speed they need and would be a sinch to spell Whitehead and Burnham, when they need a breather. C'mon Rick let's get Speedy B in Lion colors.

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So what is the health status of Frankie Williams?

Agree. But outside of McGloster from Ottawa, who have they brought in to address the OL? Matthews is unsigned, MacMillan is still out there. If they want to play 3 imports there, you can get some guys like Renfrow, Kasitati. Not a lot to pick from but I can't understand that, with all the money available, they couldn't bring in a few more bodies there. Don't know what's happening with Ryker but I'd think he has to be re-signed.

Speedy should wrap up his career in BC with no pressure to be the #1 guy. It appears to me that the Lions & Chris Rainey are parting ways(?) so an experienced returner wouldn't go amiss even if he's not the main man there. He is a family man though so he may want to stay closer to home.

If Bank willing to take less $, I m sure other teams will sign him for 2022. I think Bank wanting top $ for his services and this is why he is still available. Look at Devier Posey, he is very unproductive in 2021, hurting all the time. No one signing him to a contract. Even if they do, he will get pay a lot less $

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My money is Banks goes to Montreal and follows his former Special team coach or to Ottawa. Ottawa lost a real good returner to the NFL.

I don't know why Leos brought Rainey back for a second go. Could never tell if it was returner or Blocking..... Whitehead faired no better most of the time either.

Rainey seemed to fall out of favour late in the season. They sat him out of a game or two. Be nice to see another Dedmon pop up in BC, we can always dream.

I still remember our 'Teams with returned like Byrd, Crawford and to a bit lesser extent, Clash...

Man that's a huge blow to Banks. He was proving to be an elite receiver. Now his resume allure only includes special teams work? Something he can do, but was more an early/mid career focus. That's a position for someone new coming up. You can get a guaranteed 3-4 years from them at their physical prime. I wouldn't sleep on Banks as an open field receiver, just saying...

Don't think he would go to Ottawa, Banks salary demand would require him as a receiver/returner. After FA, Ottawa suddenly has the best receivers in the CFL and Banks would have a hard time making it as a receiver, right now they have BJ Cunningham, Darvin Adams, Jaelon Acklin, RJ Harris, Shaq Johson.
No guarantee that Dedmon makes an NFL roster, possibility that he comes back to Ottawa.

I don't blame Banks for the kind of year he had - I blame the Ti-Cats for not using him more. He was caught between a two QB system where neither QB knew how to use him, nor did they take advantage if his skills - like they did in past years. I saw on a number of occasions where Banks showed his frustration at being open and not even being looked at. Sorry, the coaches need to be shaking their heads too - letting him go is a mistake.

What happened to Rutley? Remember Lions let go of Rainey in 19 because Rutley did the same job but with a lot less attitude. Or Lankford for that matter? He came in and stole Rutley's job.

That's the deal. Banks is no longer the player that he was. He's a role player now, not a star. No one in their right mind is going to pay him more than about 100k to return some kicks and be the 4th or 5th receiver, especially as an import. I could see someone offering him 100k with bonuses for long returns. He probably has been offered that by someone already.

Brandon Banks is a proud man & short changing an offer would be a slap in his face. That said I believe Brandon is motivated after being dumped by Hamilton. Sure I'd like to see Banks in B.C. as a runback and receiving threat with a decent contract offer. It would be wrong to assume that Lucky Whitehead could be available the complete
season i.e. his Achillies tear last year.

With the salaries being tossed around for receivers, who knows? But waiting until the right deal comes along doesn't always work out as expected. Ask Trevor Harris. I could see him in a bunch of places including Ottawa with Dedmon off to the US. IMO he stays out East & it would be neat to see him in TO & get back @ the TiCats. They seem to have habit of hiring older players dismissed by their home clubs - Hughes, Harris, Rogers etc.

If that truly is the case then pride is a bitch. If that truly is the case then he can take a red mark on his cheek and retire.

If he really wants to play, he can return kicks for 100 grand. Choice is his and his alone. That's not a short-change at all. That is his value.

Possible but Mtl has Alford. Maybe Ottawa but I still feel BC would be his best bet.

Don’t forget Winnipeg. They haven’t signed Janarion Grant yet and Winnipeg needs another depth receiver or two. Not sure if they would be able to afford the $100,000 or so it would cost but he would fit in well with their needs. Someone mentioned him going to TO to get back at the Ticats. Signing with Winnipeg would also be “get back” but I hope he is not motivated by that. Having a good chance at winning a GC in Winnipeg before he retires should be motivation enough.