O'Leary: Who made the biggest FA splash?

There’s a lot that can go into making a splash that outperforms all the rest.

Last fall, the Ohio Bobcats — a Div. 1 NCAA school that’s recently handed the CFL the likes of Nathan Rourke, A.J. Ouellette and Maleek Ironshosted an open cannonball contest to promote an upcoming meet for their dive and swim teams.

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I believe Hamilton has made some great moves and I look forward to seeing them play in 2023,

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Montreal has been impressive taking in consideration the context in which they were meaning by that the selling of the team, knowing just in the morning they have the money to spend on FA. They lost Harris, Weineke and replaced them by Fajardo and Ellingson. They added also Lawrence, Caleb and Ciante Evans, Rolle and a long snaper.

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Lost/released vs gained, across the league. I'll leave the evaluation to others.

  • Montreal is -2 (10 lost, 8 gained)
  • Ottawa is +1 (6 lost/released, 7 gained)
  • Toronto is even (5 lost, 5 gained)
  • Hamilton is +7 (5 lost, 12 gained)
  • Winnipeg is -2 (3 lost, 1 gained)
  • Regina is -1 (10 lost, 9 gained)
  • Calgary is -6 (8 lost/released, 2 gained)
  • Edmonton is -1 (8 lost/released, 7 gained)
  • Vancouver is even ( 6 lost, 6 signed)

The players lost this season were giants a season ago: Dunbar, Howsare, and Rolle all artists in their respective positions. Also, Evans who beat out Masoli as one of the best Quarterbacks in the League. Give me the past any day!

Well Sundown, let's hope the sun isn't going down on the Cats. I too was not happy to see some of the players we lost - but the fact is every team will lose a few good ones. I just hope we got some just as good coming in. Here's hoping!

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Yes, so true fox.

"Give me the past any day!"

So in other words you're quite content with year after year of most often times sub .500 below par mediocre at best seasons ? You don't mind a team and organization who save for that mirage like 15-3 season a few years back strives to be a .500 or slightly below or sometimes slightly above team year in and year out ?

Just to prove my point here are the Cats past recent records minus that mirage like 15-3 2019 season .

2022.......8 - 10
2021.......8 - 6
2018.......8 - 10
2017.......6 - 12
2016.......7 - 11
2015......10 - 8
2014.......9 - 9
2013......10 - 8
2012.......6 - 12
2011.......8 - 10
2010.......9 - 9
2009.......9 - 9

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Since 2013 the awesome Tiger-cats have been in the Grey Cup four times, which means 50% of the time since 2013 they have been in the elite game of the year. I am a little concerned that that tradition may not continue.