O'Leary: What I'm watching for in Friday's games

There can be a stark difference between a team’s first and final pre-season game.

While the first game can be about resting starters, evaluating younger players and getting a sense of what the depth of your roster can look like, the final game feels more like a dress rehearsal.

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Kudos to Cui for the "Stand for Ukraine" promotion. Good cause & upwards of 30,000 tickets apparently already sold.

Not sure the QB battle in Edm is the biggest one. Elks look like they have, at least, two solid #2's if not a #1 in Arbuckle. The Harris/Adams situation in Mtl, Fajardo & Rourke spotlights as well as Bo in Calgary have all the makings of being the big storylines QB wise in the league this year. As for the 2 Grey Cup teams last year - man, they have to get their kicking in order. Big part of the game & I'm not sure the guys they have right now will make it through the season. Not looking good so far in pre-season.

I printed the depth chart for tonight's B.C./Sask game that way I can just look at it when somebody makes a play and see who it was as opposed to listening to Suitor and Nielson doing movie reviews and babbling about nothing all night like they usually do.

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