O'Leary: What can 2024 hold for Tre Ford?

The most intriguing player in the CFL sat in a vast ballroom at the Sheraton Hotel in Hamilton last month, wearing a loose-fitting Edmonton Elks sweatsuit.

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Despite doubters I keep hearing the same things from players who have played with MBT & anyone who’s been around him. Matthew Scianitti summed it up on a TSN interview shortly after MBT was signed. The one thing that MBT will do is unite the room & bring the players together on offence. And teach Ford.

I am quite high on the Elks this year. IMO there is a very obvious plan in place. They made very few moves in FA - McBeth/Ford greatly improves the Cornelius/Ford duo. ST’s has been a sore point thus Bede & Leake. - & all those LB bodies in the Global & CDN Draft. They had the fewest FA’s available & lost not 1 to rival clubs. Not yet @ the BC/Wpg level IMO but a playoff club - yeah I think they’re there.

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The East is in turmoil. Elks have vg chance for a playoff spot, even if it is cross over

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Calgary and Edmonton will both be looking up at the other 3 Western teams for most of, if not the whole season.

It’s been said again, and again, and again, that’s what MBT is here to do.

It was pretty obvious Ford has a ton of raw talent last year. With no veteran to lead him along he did pretty durn good and showed a ton of raw talent.

Both Jones and Jackson saw what MBT brings to the room in Toronto.

…and like when I worked, when someone with experience showed up - I tried to learn all I could from them in the time I had.

Because like they say - experience was what you got when you thought you were getting something else…

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