O'Leary: Ticats move forward in new environment

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats walk into 2024 with a mix of change and things staying the same.

Bo Levi Mitchell will return as the Ticats’ expected starting quarterback this year, after an injury-riddled 2023 soured his first season in Black and Gold. Orlondo Steinauer is still in charge, serving as president of football operations, while handing off general manager duties exclusively to Ed Hervey. Steinauer also removed his head coaches’ hat and put it on Scott Milanovich. Hervey served as assistant GM and senior advisor to Steinauer for the last two years. Milanovich joined Steinauer’s coaching staff in 2023 and assumed offensive coordinator duties in-season when the team parted ways with Tommy Condell.

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I like the Cats but they have ruined their program by getting involved with Ed Hervey. It takes him about 2 years to ruin the moral of a football team

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I have never heard of this before about Hervey - can you explain more? I am happy to see that the Cats are making changes and have apparently made a decision on the QB position. Now I will be interested to see who they lose and pick up during the FA process.

To put it simply, Ed Hervey is the most egotistical person I have ever dealt with in my entire life and I’m a few days shy of 73 years old. If you want more than that, check out former Esks teammates and players and board members that worked with him

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As long as the Cats dont get a kicker who walks out on them (Small), or a QB who doesnt show up for camp (Newman), or try to trade an injured player (Davis), then i guess it will be positive.

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Sounds to me like they are going to strive to be the best 8-10 team that they can possibly be .

To BobbyT - Sorry but your response is a difficult one to follow - how does anyone check out the opinions of former Esks teammates, players and board members that worked with Hervey? It sounds to me like you know this guy and have a personal axe to grind. So instead of making those who challenge your comments to look for themselves - I believe it is up to you to prove your points of criticism - don’t you?

I don’t know Hervey, but I have to assume that Steinhauer does and he chose him for a good reason. I am trying to look at the moves the Cats have made are positive ones for the team - and willing to give them at least a chance.

Mikanovich had his hand in the mix last year after repacing Condell and where did that get us. The Cats made two huring errors las year. Milanovich was one. Mitchell was the other.