O'Leary: The ultimate 2024 CFL road trip

Whether you’re a fan, a player, a coach or a part of the media that covers the CFL, the schedule release — fast becoming a holiday staple over the last few years — will immediately send you into long-term planning mode.

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Classic tsn/ctv website. Preponderance of drivel, very little in the way of news.

Great observation. The schedule does present some opportunities and I’ve been donig this for a while now. Cost can be reduced with the use of “mileage” programs and of course booking websites for hotels. In western Canada for me the road trip with or with out the travel trailer works out some weekends too. Winnipeg is really only 12t hours, you drive right by Mosaic heading east and there may even be a festival opportunity. Personally I’m looking for 3 or 4 game weekend in the east. I’ve managed Ottawa and Montreal Stadiums at Thanksgiving with a drive on the north side of the Ottawa river a few years ago and won’t forget the experience or small town Quebec breakfast. # game four game and multiple game weekends always fill the desire for Canada and the Country’s league. I can go on forever but I have to plan a trip. I missed Ottawa and Toronto this last year and would like to get every Stadium in a season befor I’m grounded.