O'Leary: The Stamps open the door for another Canadian QB

Dave Dickenson wasn’t scouting as much as he was at the end of a long day and just wanted to watch some football.

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Great Place for O'Connor to be. With Bo Levi and Dickenson and the staff he will get the best training and be ready when his day comes.


Michael O'Connor posses all the necessary tools to win the back-up position to Bo Levi Mitchell the number one gun with the greatest show on turf. Best of luck Michael for a productive and healthy 2021 season.


Was cheering for O'Connor in Toronto but I think Prukop actually has the better arm. Also watched some highlights of McMaryion. I think he's a great pick up also. Love how Huf keeps rejuvenating the talent in the CFL.

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I'm certainly not surprised the Stamps have gone to another Canadian National QB and even more happy about getting O'Connor ! The competition for the #2 job will be tough but cream rises during this type of competition. best of luck to O'Connor and the other two. Your journey will be a learning experience no other team can give you, with Huff, Dickenson & Mitchell to guide you. Good luck to all !