O'Leary: The Golden Globes meet the CFL

Sunday night was a big one for Borat, the Rose family and for the 1990s era British royals.

The Borat sequel, Schitt’s Creek and The Crown all had their moments at the Golden Globes, which to me looked like the most painfully relatable television we may see in the pandemic. If, like me, you’ve always mocked the whole “Stars: They’re just like us!” concept, it finally found a relevant home on Sunday. We saw Daniel Kaluuya have mute issues; we saw Tina Fey and Amy Poehler botch their introduction of Norman Lear; we got to hear Dan Levy get too close to the light on his screen and yell, “Oh my God. Are we on?” before he started his speech.

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I like the article Mr. O'Leary.

If I were to put a movie title to the Toronto Argonauts, I would put Wedding Crashers and A Few Good Men for this off season.