O'Leary: Tanya Walter breaks through w/ Lions

At the start of her football journey, Tanya Walter was in her hometown of Forestburg, Alta., a village about 90 minutes east of Red Deer.

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This is a good idea! .......now that we have female refs, and the 1st female coach, we should look into bringing in the 1st female kicker, you know , just to get our feet wet to the idea, then we can bring in other females to take other spots on the roster gradually, so the CFL can become a truly professional Mixed football League

While I'm super excited to see this finally happening in the Official/coaching/management area, I think it's a completely different situation from an on field players standpoint.

I have no doubt there are female athletes out there that can step in and play, however we also have to be concerned with injuries due to the physical differences. There are major issues when it comes to contact. Are some men going to feel the need to "hold back" a little so as not to hurt a female player? If that's the case, (and I think it certainly must be) it's no longer an equal situation. It can also make it difficult for a man who feels he should hold back.

Even at the kicking position. There are times when a punter has to pull it down and run. Now we have, what is likely a lighter woman with very little padding, about to be tackled by a 250 pound linebacker. Is he going to hold back, or take her down with the same force he would another male. Neither is a good scenario for the game, and I'm not sure the game is ready for the complications or ramifications of a female player.

I don't say this with any chauvinism sentiment. I have concerns for the way the game will be played. Men playing one way against another man, and different against a woman. There are certain sports that should not be coed due to the physical nature of the game.

Having said that, I'm extremely keen to having Tanya Walter as a member of the Lions staff !!

Coach Campbell made it quite clear that he was looking for the best qualified person for this coaching position as well as the best fit within the existing coaching staff. Clearly, our head coach wants all his coaching staff to be on the same page, building a strong, unified front with one simple clear message to the whole team, "Always give your best and win!". Clearly, Coach Campbell believes Tanya Walter fills that role best. So Tanya, welcome to both the CFL and my favorite team the BC Lions! I am excited to see how your hard work and skills will help my beloved team become the best that they can be in this coming season! Congratulations Tanya!! We have new ownership, first full season in 2 years and now our great head coach really working hard to build the best organization within the entire CFL (no pressure there), restoring that amazing "Lions Pride" and now you, Tanya, are playing a big role in that. I'll end with this, Tanya, please know that there are fans out here cheering our BC Lions on this season and that includes you. As you are now a part of the family. Rise above the nay sayers, and remember you're the best person, period, for this job. So be the best you, ever! Again, congratulations to you Tanya Walter!

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Best of luck to her as she will be scrutinized big time. But the bottom line, yes, congratulations Tanya and all the best from every CFL fan coast to coast except when the Lions are trying to beat their team then hope you mess up. Hey, that's competition and I know she knows this only too well. I'm sure she wouldn't have it any other way.

This is great for multiple reasons, not the least of which will encourage more young people - and yes obviously women - to have aspirations of coaching with the will, desire, and dedication that Tanya Walter has. Her job will hardly be glamourous. Even for the Defensive Coordinator any glamour is easily over shadowed by the pressure, frustration, and sleepness nights that go with the job. Maybe the Head Coach can soak in some of the limelight but he will be the first one to be fired, and that usually follows with all the other coaches and assistants as well, so don't think it's easy for him to smile for the media answering the sorts of questions that get thrown at him.

Imagine yourself being the Defensive Coordinator and it's Monday morning and your next game is Saturday. Let's say you even won your last game so your mood isn't sour to start. You go into the meeting with the people that are directly responsible for working with the Linebackers, Defensive Backs, Linemen, and the assistants helping them. All this after already being fed questions by the Head Coach that you yet have answers for, and the Special Teams coach burning your ear over players that you are responsible for that he needs to discuss regarding the needs on Special Teams.

Answers you are hoping for in that meeting are there, because the assistants in that room have the desired Player film disected already, and shared whith the Jerk - who works directly with the Defensive Ends, and Tackles - to communicate to you in regards to what game plan you want to create. And same with Linebackers and DBs. Effecient and now you can get to work.

My point being that it truly is a team game top to bottom. I'm thinking Tanya Walter has the skills and dedication needed, and the fact she is a women doesn't really matter. All that can translate to more ("gender doesn't really matter") to the minds of more young people in the future who desire that kind of life. That can only be a good thing.

BC has a lot going for them.
-minority new owner
-Canadian QB starters
-woman as an AC