O'Leary: Talking Grey Cup weather w/ CHCH's Brian Wood

Brian Wood was in Hamilton, working his first job in broadcast on Dec. 3, 1972, when the Tiger-Cats won the Grey Cup at Ivor Wynn Stadium.

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This might actually be a better time to play the GC as the Nov. date has been over shadowed by "Black Friday". Businesses used to have GC sales etc. publicizing it rather than the BF. CFL gear for Christmas gifts. More folks watching the game rather than out looking for deals. Just my thoughts.

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Just play it on a SATURDAY the 11th instead. Won't have to listen to the complaints about the TV ratings being lower because people were watching an NFL game.

They still might get around 3 million viewers to tune in which is on par with TSN numbers.

Surely some fans can give up the NFL for one Grey Cup can they.

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I am old enough to remember when the Grey Cup was played on Saturday. All of the playoff games were on Saturday back then and it was great. No conflicts with the NFL or AFL and there was not very much important college football in November either. TV was less intrusive and it was great. I was unhappy when the switch was made, mostly because Sunday games often meant having to travel home on Monday which meant taking a day off from work. Never liked it. I am completely in favor of Saturdays.


Saturday afternoons then party all night downtown.

Sunday hangover. What can be more Canadian than that.


It makes sense to have it on Saturday, fans attending the game would prefer it.
You would think that CTV/TSN would prefer it too, they could have an NFL game on TSN and another on CTV on Sunday afternoon.
I assume that TSN has done their homework and decided that NFL fans wouldn't watch the CFL even if there was no NFL games on Sunday.

I like Saturday afternoon also because if you are at the Grey Cup, there is a hockey game in the evening or you can attend the Country and Western dance. I have only attended with my late father and he loved the hockey game, but we had to sit around all day for the Grey Cup game. At least we had the option of seeing the Montreal Rockets in the afternoon to cut the boredom. I bought a 50/50 ticket and missed the announcement because it was all in French. We laughed out loud when we realized it. Seriously good times. I can still test the Caribou I had at the Beaver Club in Montreal. Great fun.

I agree. When my late father and I went to Hamilton in 1996, we parked in a grocery store parking lot (and the car has at least a foot of snow after the game), walked across the street to a little tavern and enjoyed open faced sandwiches while the owner (after learning we are American) was constantly coming around to keep our coffee cups full. When we trudged to the stadium, as soon as we turned off Barton Street, the police officer approached us and kindly asked"are you looking for the beer tent?" We both laughed out loud, thanked him for his service and trudged to our seats. Some people sitting on the porches, seemed to like my coat, so we stopped, chatted for a bit, and were treated to a cold beer. The game was one of the wildest in GC history, but I remember the friendly, kind Canadians we met much better. A young man sitting next to my father was sipping whiskey out of his "binoculars" and kept going back and forth for beer (it was the first GC that allowed that) and on his last trip, he lost his balance, I caught him and he landed in my lap. He said, "Sir, you are a gentleman and a scholar. I thank you kindly." I laughed and wished him well. My father just sat there and laughed until the game was over. He could not believe how wonderful the entire experience was. And it was wonderful, both times. Sweet memories.

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