O'Leary: Talking DIS Racial Justice Roundtable with Donnovan Bennett

Arguably the most powerful moment in the Diversity Is Strength: Racial Justice Roundtable was provided by Vontae Diggs.

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I would have liked to have heard more racial views within the CFL itself .

The stories good or bad or of diversity and unity or one of out right discrimination within the league whether many years ago or today would have been relevant discussion within the boundaries and scope of the league that could address changes .

I would have liked to have heard from certain players who have experienced things within the league itself whether positive or negative .

Telling me how it relates to the CFL inside the locker room on the field and office is where this discussion should have dared to go .

It would also be good to know where the CFL needs the most improvement especially to allow freedom of speech for it's players and it's fans .