O'Leary: Stamps, Als set a high bar for Week 1

Before we look ahead to the remaining three games on the Week 1 schedule, let’s use this space to give some due to the very strong season opener that we saw last night in Calgary.

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A few take aways from game 1:
-Two stars do not finish the game. Stanback and Mitchell
-Good entertainment value.
-Where were the fans?

I'll be perfectly blunt, the interception on the second play of the game made me nervous but boy, what a game did it turn out to be! Although my money was on V.A. and the Als, what a fantastic way to kick off the season!

All ready for game two tonight!

The Alouettes lost their best offensive player, as has been documented ad nauseam, also their best ST player, Alford, and best defensive player, Greg Reid. A disaster.

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