O'Leary: Some would-be training camp thoughts

Most years, mid to late May is a time that we feel like we’re coming out of football hibernation in Canada. CFL training camps are open across the country and fans begin to take stock of their teams and who might impact them for the coming season.

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Should be an exciting season if it actually happens. From Chapala Mexico

Yes this season sure looks to be a very exciting season, especially in the east for a change. Toronto certainly have upped the anti with the signing of all those big name players. But, and it is a very big BUT, if they can't play as a united team the Argos will fall behind and stay in the basement. Some times the famous try to grab too much glory and forget the game is a team sport. So provided the other teams don't have a similar problem forming a united team, it should be a great season in the east. (West Also)