O'Leary: Some Labour Day Weekend thoughts

Ten years ago this weekend, I sat in the backseat of a rental car that snaked its way through downtown Calgary, headed west.

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The over under for the Bombers versus Riders in Week 5 is 42.5 ? My question is why is the number so low ? I have the combined score at 51 for my CFL'pickem. :arrow_up: :arrow_down: :canada: :football:

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They're predicting a defensive slugfest. Two of the best defenses are meeting in Regina today. The deciding factor might be the 'Extra Man'. That sold out crowd always packs a punch. We'll have the same kind of hopped up mob waiting for them here when they visit next week. Can't wait! :smiley: :+1:

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Indeed, the 2 loudest parks in the country. That makes this such a great rivalry.


And just like THAT. It happened. Two defences hammered the crap out of each other and the bigger hammer won (what a beating the quarterbacks took). Next week the results could be reversed. We'll see how many of our guys heal up in time for the rematch. Bandages anyone? :smiley:

Riders couldn't do nothing against that defense. Maybe it will be reversed but it sure don't look like it will. Then again, Toronto was able to flip the backside of their two Bomber games.

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There you go. What a difference a week (and a change at quarterback) makes. We didn't know what to do with Arbuckle. Maybe next time we'll figure him out. We're certainly not taking the Riders lightly for the Banjo Bowl rematch. They'll be out for revenge. It could get nasty. I can hardly wait! :smiley: :+1: