O'Leary: Shiltz gets a golden opportunity in ESF

MONTREAL — You won’t get the specifics out of Orlondo Steinauer on why Matthew Shiltz is starting in Saturday’s Eastern Semi-Final. The Hamilton Tiger-Cats’ head coach has been verbally poked and prodded on the topic of his quarterbacks and their usage for a week now and what’s it gotten us?

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“That’s all for internal,” Steinauer said after the team arrived in Montreal on Friday.

“The reasons why are for us. I can just tell you that what’s important is that it’s very clear inside the building of how we’re going to handle the situation.”

Honestly, the league needs to put some kind of protocol in place to stop this type of self-important obfuscation from happening. You’d think Steinauer was a diplomatic agent tasked with brokering peace between warring nations instead of a football coach who seemingly can’t provide a human answer to a very simple question.

If he’s going to offer this kind of stupid non-answer to the media, what is even the point of him talking to the media? Nobody’s asking him to spill his playbook. We can all figure out that you’re more confident in Shiltz than you are in BLM. You aren’t fooling anyone. So just answer the question with some kind of information.

This is just your opinion only, and I do not agree with it whatsoever.
If one has been following the Ticats since Orlondo has been coaching them, his way of communicating should not be surprising.
Personally, I am totally okay with how he wants to present it.
In fact I like the way Orlondo handles it.

Obviously if Shiltz does not have the hot hand, BLM will go in.
If Shiltz has the hot hand, he´ll stay in.
All one has to do is remember how Orlondo handled Masoli and Evans to figure this out.
Sorry if you need to be ¨spoon-fed¨ the information, but I do not, and neither do a lot of other people.
Let Orlondo handle it the way he wants.


I don’t need to be spoon-fed anything. But a coach has an obligation to provide some kind of reasonable answer to questions in the media. We can all see that by starting Shiltz, Steinauer is already telling us he thinks Shiltz gives the team a better chance to win. Him pretending that isn’t the case serves no purpose.

I’m quite aware of Steinauer’s asinine way of “communicating.” It’s extremely tiresome. Nor does it appear to have done him much good over the years.

That sentence of his was an attack on syntax and the idea of language as communication. No different from any politician dodging questions with content-free platitudes.

So without saying it Coach O has said based on everything that has gone on this year at the QB position he has more confidence in Shiltz but he will not rule out using Mitchell. Given that this is a playoff game keeping all his options open makes sense as well as the fact that the Montreal D has to somewhat plan for both QBs.This is a pivotal game for the career of Mathew Shiltz as he is not signed for 2024 and if he can lead the Tigercats to a W he becomes a much more highly sought after free agent in 2024. Mitchell was the marquis off season signing for Hamilton but because of injury did not establish himself as the # 1 QB .Going into the playoffs Shiltz (also the more mobile of the two) was also injured but has shown he deserves a start based on what the coaching staff has seen in the last month. Go cats go!

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“I’m quite aware of Steinauer’s asinine way of “communicating.” It’s extremely tiresome.”

He doesn’t need to tell anybody anything
As he said, It’s “In house”
I would think he has his reasons to keep it that way
He is going with Shiltz, deal with it
Gee, I’m shocked you’re not refering to him as “Stein”

Sounds like D&P is getting a little nervous about his beloved Al’s chances of winning today . :laughing:


D&P has made some good points. I read these sites - as do many CFL fans - to get some intel on what is going into game decisions. Most of the coaches use sound-bites, but Orlando’s latest one here sucks and bites at the same time: it’s pretty much hostile.

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But it is just your opinion.
Just because you say it, does not make it so.
I am guessing you are very young, perhaps a high school student or a college student.

Orlondo just sucks in general.

He’s a tool - at best. a dull, weak, and pathetic tool, the one that gets kicked behind the toolbox and forgotten about.

Jim Barker seemed certain that the decision to start Matt Shiltz over Bo Levi Mitchell was made by Scott Milanovich.

My guess is Orlondo Steinauer being vague and saying both QB’s would play is for competitive reasons & because he wants to be diplomatic and not upset Scott Mitchell by implying that signing Bo for that amount was not a great idea.

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