O'Leary: Ryan Dinwiddie dives into Labour Day

There are few people in the CFL right now that are as well-versed in the OK Tire Labour Day Weekend rivalry than Ryan Dinwiddie.

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I find the topic of this article an interesting one - why not ask some of us old guys who have watched the CFL for over 50, 60 or 70 years( as in my case) what the Labour Day games mean? Compared to us, Dinwiddie is a rank amateur. These games tend to be classics and often important to both the fans and to the teams - they often (not always) foretell the play-off teams and who is ready for the Grey Cup - plus the Labour Day games give the fans the chance to hooowwwlll! One thing Dinwiddie needs to learn fast - when the Argos come to Hamilton, the Cats really do “eat 'em raw!” As a Cat fan, despite being critical of my team this year - they are MY team and no doubt will show the Argos who will represent the East this year - and it ain’t Toronto! Despite their QB problems, the Cats are the better team. Pssst - just don’t tell Dinwiddie until after the game - it will only upset him. Grrrrrrrr!

Ok Tire?

Money can buy you anything. If you were rich enough & so inclined you could have a ‘RidersSuck Labour Day Weekend’ of your own. Maybe next year’s still open.

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How would you ever know Dumbwiddie is upset or anything? He is emotionless and like all recent Argos coaches useless and a Statue.
I’m an Argos fan - but with MacBeth they SUCK as you Ticats say - and yes the defense that everyone seems to be praising also sucks.
Hamilton should win.

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Oh you are so Right !!! I think “Dickwiddie” , is trying to get his team up for the game with a full house in tiger town ,cause fans will be behind the cats…
I started watching cats in late 50’s , I remember my parents going to a game in 57 with my uncles , as we lived on Cannon St. , 3 blocks from then , Civic Stadium, when Bernie Falony played for cats. …That’s probably when I became a cats fan, and still am today. If you were an Argo fan, you didn’t say it too loud around there . lol