O'Leary: Rule changes put the focus on offence

Change, sometimes regardless of the scale of it, can be hard for people to accept.

We see that across the board in life, but if you’re a fan of the CFL, you see it through a specific lens. When you have a league that’s played its championship game 108 times, you’re bound to get attached to certain aspects of the game, the way it runs and the way it looks.

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For fields that are used by University teams and by pro-teams, will there be issues with the hashmarks being in different locations? Will those fields have two sets of hash marks?

The games are already high scoring. This is not basketball. the CFL has consistently diminished the ability of the defense, which should be half of the game and not an afterthought. I am all for rule changes that enhance the game or make it safer, but continuously ramping up the offensive play leads to an unbalanced and eventually unwatchable game.