O'Leary: Reilly was the consummate leader

On a cold January day almost exactly nine years ago, a group of reporters made their way over to Commonwealth Stadium.

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Michael Reilly came to Edmonton, put the entire franchise on his back and carried it all the way to a Grey Cup within three years - probably would’ve done it in two years, had he not been injured. His presence was felt by the entire city, not just the football community. Edmonton was extremely fortunate to have him for the years it did. Same goes for the entire league. Michael Reilly and his amazing selection of hats will be missed!


Footballaura - completely agree! I enjoyed watching him play. Tough as nails and would never quit! Three years in a row he had over 5500 yards passing (nearly 6000 in 2017). Sad to see him retire - - don't think his body could endure the punishment anymore.

My favourite player and I am an Als fan. Just did the work and pushed through. Such a leader. I wish him well.