O'Leary: REDBLACKS start the journey back to competitiveness

One of the best things about the CFL is a team’s ability to rebound after a bad year or two.

You can’t say outright in February when the days are still cold and short if that’ll happen when the games start being played in June, but that’s the path that the Ottawa REDBLACKS are hoping to go down. It’s certainly not an impossible one. Edmonton went from a four-win team in 2013 to a 12-win club in 2014, then won the Grey Cup the year after. Toronto suffered through a five-win campaign in 2016 and hoisted the Grey Cup a year later.

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I think I'm going to designate Ottawa as my official second favouritest team (sorry Sask). Rooting for the underdog & all that stuff (it's kind of my version of charity).
I think they should be making a substantial improvement next season.

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