O'Leary: Ray's Edmonton years were HOF-worthy

It was one of those where-were-you-when CFL moments. The news felt like it registered on the Richter scale and was followed by a tsunami of emotion.

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Always disliked Ray. Why? Because he was so good, & always on the other side.

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I always admired his talent and thought he was the best QB in the league almost every year he played. Probably the best since Flutie in my estimation.

Ricky Ray Frito Lay!

He had some great guys catching the balls he threw too. Most wanted to follow him when he got traded.
Always heard the same thing, the ball was away from the defender and in a place where it would never leave you vulnerable after making a catch.

On top of that he is an outstanding and wonderful individual. Will give you a few minutes of his time if he has it if you ever run into him.