O'Leary: Randy Ambrosie on the CFL-XFL alignment, Dwayne Johnson and more

I'm willing to sacrifice the ratio because I believe our Canadian players can compete with the US players. The quality of Canadian kids playing in USPORTS and NCAA has greatly improved. The Canadian kids that are playing in US colleges, can aim to play in the NFL, if they don't make it, they will always have a place to play. There is no shame in that. It's still professional football and they can earn a living for a few months work.

If there is a merger most of the Canadian rules should be in effect like the 3 downs, 12 players, field size, rouge, 5 yards halo.

The CFL game can be played in soccer pitches, football fields surrounded by a track oval. Some XFL/CFL teams can play in the Alamodome in San Antonio, the Rose Bowl in Los Angles, Rentschlier Field in Hartford. They can also play in MLS stadiums, here is where MLSE works their influence since it also owns the Argos and Toronto FC in the MLS.

The merger is doable. Change can be a good thing.


I wish them best Dave. My life would be lessen without Canadian Football and many here feel the same.

But I think, let me rephrase that. I am certain the governments will not allow games to be attended in at least Ontario and Quebec this summer. Because of that for the CFL to go to the Government for financial assistance to hold a season is moot.

In the very, very best of scenarios we could see authorization to host games with some form of distancing starting Labour day weekend. This is a money losing proposition for the CFL.

I expect more layoffs and even possibly complete shut down of operations (not bankruptcy) as soon as it is voted by the board that a season can not start on time. They won't make the same mistake they did last year and pay people like Milanovich to do nothing while he's job hunting.

Can't see them shutting down for good. Won't be able to recover any losses if they aren't willing to to business.

Should have cancelled back in May and plan for a September start.

Unfortunately, Randy Ambrosie will take the fall for this potential shutting down of the CFL.

It's the owners running the league like a play thing instead of a business has lead them to this position.

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I meant shutting operations down until spring 2022 or 2023

Ultimately the owners have not been able to hang on to a Commish and the individuals in function have been less and less impressive.

Just look at how Mark Cohon presented the Juno nominees this week in this COVID environment and compare that to Ambrosie coming out of the shower yesterday in a total panic on TSN. Nothing would have prevented Ambrosie and the XFL management to put out a slick announcement.

I still haven't "digested", the whole Alouette ownership/Maciocia BS crochery and the shitshow in front of the committee in Ottawa.

The only reason he hasn't been fired is because they won't find anyone to take the job and Braley is no longer there to muscle his way into the job.

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It does seem to make sense now doesn't it.

Yes I am a CFL fan and darn proud of it. Don’t get me wrong if this will benefit the league then I would support it.

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At my place of work. we were given a soft September start up date as permission given by the Ont. Gov't.. Looks like the Ontario is expected to have a full opening in the province during the Fall.

Edmonton had their hands tied in the Milanovich situation. The optics of it doesn't look good, but the man had a contract with the team. Edmonton had to fulfil their end of the agreement. He saw an out and took it.

Once the Pandemic has passed, new revenue stream have been tapped, I think the league and teams will have massive hires to assist the logistics arm of team operations in a new environment

I believe we have been down this type of rocky road before example: Baltimore team etc. and we returned to our roots. This is OUR game CFL stands for Canadian football league our rules our game. Expansion should be Canadian only.

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Instead of collaborating with the XFL maybe they should try to ensure survival of the CFL in Canada.

The four down version might placate to the American wannabees in Southern Ontario, but good luck with a 3 or 4 team league.

Then you might as well shut down the league. There's nowhere to expand in Canada. You can't generate excitement for a 9 team league.

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So you would prefer the CFL to become a minor development league for the NFL (American rules) just for the sake of a having a league in Canada.

If I didn't know any better, you're more of a NFL booster than being an actual CFL fan.

Must be a Toronto thing.


It's all about the Benjamins for a lot of people. Only the highest paid players get respect. The rest aren't worthy. Or so the transparent thinking goes. This is why the CFL struggles in the biggest markets and it always will as long two key elements are missing from the League: Prestige and high player salaries. The Rock solves one problem, but not the other. Not surprisingly, people who know football, I mean really know it, including many long-time fans, understand that money alone doesn't define quality.
So, go ahead, slag the fans who like the CFL . Call for the complete Americanization of the game. Your idea will always be second best, and will create a third-rate league that excites exactly nobody.


Here, here



Dont get me wrong. I like the Rock. I like his movies. But dont think he is here to save the CFL. He is purposing this merger so that HE can make money on a defunct league he bought for 15 Million dollars. The XFL has gone bankrupt twice. And to say COVID had something to do about it is wrong. The league was running the year prior to COVID. The CFL tried having american teams in their league many years ago. Remember the team in Vegas and Baltimore. It doesn t work.

The league was not running the year prior to covid. It started play in February 2020 and shut down in March. I went to both Guardians games and St. Louis was expecting close to 50k for their game against LA before the shutdown.

Nope, it was not running the year before, maybe you are confused with the AAFL.

McMahon had earmarked 200 million for the XFL and things started out VERY WELL. When COVID hit he recognized that it would take 3 to 5 times that amount to keep the league alive and pulled the plug before losing most of his 200 million.

The McMahon are brilliant business people and while many were hurt by him pulling out, had he not, it likely would have cost him the WWE as well.


The CFL, if they are interested in any sort of alignment with any league, that league should be the NFL, not the XFL.

Not impressed Mr. Ambrosie, not at all. Doesn't excite me at all anything about the XFL. In fact, this looks like a very desperate move on your part for the CFL and that is not good. Almost a YIKES thingy aligning with the XFL.


Sorry, but I do not support this idea of the CFL belittling itself and certainly not joining a rump org like the XFL. Ambrosie is either a CFL supporter and advocate or he is not - if not, then he should resign.


It's great to see you here Aerial. I read your post in the spirit of years ago when you wrote one of the best posts on this forum ever about almost getting into a fight in public to defend the honour of the CFL against some loudmouths around.

Those were the days here too, but they are bygone days in retrospect as the game we love clings on to its remaining existence and heritage.

I'm not impressed either, though on the other hand like Gretzky said famously, you miss 100% of the shots you don't take.

So if the CFL has to take more long-shots like this one via the XFL, so be it to increase the odds.

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Well many of us think he should have been fired a long time ago and you have nothing to be sorry about.