O'Leary: Randy Ambrosie on an Aug 5 kickoff, XFL talks and more

Wednesday felt like a bad news/good news day.

The bad news, that the 2021 CFL season has had its start date pushed back to Aug. 5, will feature 14 games and that the Grey Cup will be played on Dec. 12 in Hamilton can feel like a gut punch. The hope, as Canada fights its way through a third wave of COVID-19, is that the country is strongly emerging from the pandemic by August and that normalcy — a word we’ve been socially distanced from for 13 months now — will be settling in from BC all the way to Newfoundland.

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I have some questions as do others here, and I doubt there are many answers.

  1. Who are these new "amateur partners"? U-sports? The NCAA? /gasp
  2. I don't doubt the professionalism and hard work on a new business model with the XFL, but I was expecting a bit more meat by now on this XFL-CFL sandwich after all these months.

To the core tone of this statement though, I suppose there is no need getting caught up in all the business details now given the pandemic situation at hand and all those variables.

If the pandemic situation continues to turn for the worse despite vaccines, well then beyond the league and forum and sports all else will be upended anew akin to in March 2020.

Re: XFL talks, here's what jumps at me

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Someone should tell Randy that 3 of the of the top 4 provinces with the highest infection rate per capita are western provinces

@Palmer had a great post in another thread earlier that clarified this matter I saw. The news will reach him in a few days it does appear given the provinces between BC and Ontario escalating their measures now.

There were some good details, shared to be fair, though not enough meat on this sandwich for me.

Only so much can be shared or projected now given the newly raging pandemic spurred by chiefly the UK Variant in Canada along with the California two also in the US as in turn will affect any player movement and beyond (in particular if they are coming from the west).

In reflection, the spirit of yesterday's announcement was for me akin to, sound the trumpet "dun duh duh duh!":

"We hereby proclaim, the CFL shall resume play at some point, be assured our future is brighter, we await more enlightenment amidst our worthy endeavours, now, gather ye with us for another drink!"

In a few days if not already we shall forget and resume our off-season protocol here.