O'Leary: Purolator, Thanksgiving stir memories of Schultz

When rallying Canadians to donate to the Purolator Tackle Hunger® program, Chris Schultz wrote, “In a world that’s often based on wins and losses, it’s rare to be involved in something where everyone wins.”

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have to admit I got a little choked reading this.

Really miss CS


omg Schultzy! one of my favs. :sob:


brings back memories of one of my fav grey cup winning rosters, the 91 Argos.

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i wonder if @Jon remembers his short stint with cowboys back in the mid 80s

prob my fav panelist / analyst. dude was a giant - 6’8” and over 270 lbs

Sorry but the 80’s were a blur.

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yea me too :face_with_spiral_eyes::face_in_clouds:

I miss Chris Schultz every time the TSN CFL panel is on. He was the antithesis of you’d assume you’d expect from a giant. Passionate energetic effervescent verbose. Certainly agreeable BUT determined and fearless to call everything straight up. I happened to ride down the elevator right behind him at MTCC the year of the Grey Cup’s 100th. His suit coat had that dry cleaners tag and pin sticking out the back. I flipped it inside for him. I felt like a rock star bing that close to a media and sports legend. He. Was. Huge. Has a full time parking spot in my heart. Love you big man.


couldn’t have said it myself. thank you.

and thank you Schultzy!

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R.I.P. Chris Schultz.
I sure miss Schultzie and Jock Climie on the panel. It just isn't as good now, so I rarely even listen anymore.
Very much like Hockey Night in Canada without Don Cherry.
Not interested anymore.
Ron Maclean sucks too!

NO. no no no. losing that white bigoted windbag was the best thing HNIC has done in last decade.

the dude did not represent canadian hockey fans or hardcore anything other than a small demographic of privileged garbage.

the fact his name is even mentioned on the same thread as Schultzy is disgusting.

good riddance.

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Totally agree about Schultz and Climie

Don Cherry, no comment

Ron Maclean is fine. IMO

only when he keeps his mouth shut and lets others speak.

he represented a HUGE faction of hockey fans.

Those who refuse to acknowledge that have their heads stuck in the sand.

You may not like it, but he represented a huge portion of this country. Not a "small demographic".

"privileged garbage". I won't touch that.