O'Leary: Preseason arrives with questions for all

When the Edmonton Elks and the Calgary Stampeders set foot on the turf at McMahon Stadium on Monday afternoon (4 p.m. ET, available on CFL Preseason Live), it’ll be far from your standard, regular season game.

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O’Leary calls Tommy Stevens “perhaps the scrambliest QB in the league” which is a real dagger to the hearts of us Bomber fans who still fondly remember those halcyon years of scramblebliss when we’d gleefully watch our ‘Streveler the Leveller’ crunch hapless linebackers and DBs under his iron cleats from one game to the next (I’m into long sentences this morning). Oh the sheer terror we’d inflict on opposing secondaries.

Excuse me while I cry some tears now… :sob:


I wouldn’t be to upset about this. While Streveler did a bit of “scrambling” with the Bombers a lot of his carries were just plain RUNNING the ball. He reminded me most of an old-fashioned fullback, who did a lot of straight-ahead power running while halfbacks did the elusive stuff.


Tommy Stevens — perhaps the scrambliest QB in the league, based on what we saw from him last season — having a strong showing in the role last year.
Sorry to Bomber Fans but not everything is about “BOMBERS”
What O’Leary was saying is CURRENTLY the scrambliest QB in the League. Streveler is no longer in the league. I am pretty sure if O’Leary was talking about historical CFL league he could mention other QBs in history. Time to move into the present day CFL.

Depends what you call “scrambliest”. The CFL has a rating on QB’s for this called QBR - escapes/rushes off dropbacks. Cornelius led the QB’s with 42. Fajardo was 2nd with 34. Stevens had zero dropbacks so never scrambled off of pass plays. Stevens had 56 rushes for 297 yds, 163 in 1 game with that long 3rd & short in there. Cornelius had 71 rushes, of which 29 were not QBR’s, for 502 yds & had the highest avg rush total of all rushers, QB’s, RB’s or otherwise.

So IMO Cornelius & Fajardo, for 2, were the scrambliest QB’s. Stevens went in strictly to run the ball, no pass plays called for him.

But, yeah, I do see the resemblance between Stevens & Streveller but the latter was given pass plays & had some success with them.


despite Tommy Stevens — perhaps the scrambliest QB in the league, based on what we saw from him last season — having a strong showing in the role last year.

Strong showing? Not sure where O’Leary got his numbers from. There were many other more scramblier QBs than Stevens. His numbers were deceptive and not in the scrambliest category. When you look at his totals, he had 163 yards vs. the Riders in their last game of a get me the heck out of here season.

In his other 14 appearances, he accumulated 134 yards for a 2.5 yard average. Not exactly wow numbers for a QB who is not the passiest QB either at 6 of 9 for 41 yards. Those totals were only ahead of 3 punters, a 4th string QB and 1 receiver.


Looking at the depth charts for the 2 teams it’s pretty predictable. Teams lately have used regulars in their home games & large #'s of unknowns for the away game. Outside of OL, you’d be hard pressed to find a starter on both sides of the ball for the Elks. Locksley starts, the most recognizable name @ WR might be NFL castoff Coates or Cobb, a draft pick who missed all last season. Same for D, kicking. The Stamps have most of their starters listed on the depth chart. How much they’ll play is debatable.


Sounds like he didn’t do it the most, he was just the best at it.

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