O'Leary: Playing free agent matchmaker

There’s something very notable in the opening lines of the list of pending 2023 free agents. Did you see the date that the free agent market opens?

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I sure hope Dedmon stays in Ottawa. But man that's a loooong kick-return TD drought for Edmonton. That shouldn't happen in the CFL.

I get the feeling O'Leary is a big fan of the Elks and Bombers.

Really? How’s that?

The Elks do need a veteran QB. They have talented receivers. They need an established QB to get them the ball. A talented kick returner like Dedmon could help with field position and the occasional return TD.

The Bombers need a more reliable field goal/PAT kicker. Legghio is an ok punter. Castillo helped Bombers in 2021.

He’s right on with Davis’ record of appearing in Grey Cups. Guess what..Hamilton is hosting the Grey Cup next year.

The Riders need an upgrade on the O-line. Did you see what happened to their QBs this year. Imagine any of the top QBs behind that line if you will. No where near as successful.

Where was any indication that he’s a big fan of the Bombers and Elks?


I absolutely agree that Saskatchewan needs to improve their offensive line...and with money available after Shaq, Duke, Kyran and Cody come off the books dollars shouldnt be an issue.

The real qeestion is who would be willing to leave very good teams with established quarterbacks to participate in a rebuild?

Winnipeg's twin towers aren't going anywhere...Derek Dennis burned all his bridges when he left Regina and I am sure the BC lineman are waiting to see if Captain Canada will be back.

Blake enjoyed his time in Regina...and assuming he hasn't listed to Blazdek too much might be willing to come back.

I expect the Riders will also be drafting wall to wall linemen in May.

Looking forward to what the offseason brings...coaches first...then a qb...then linemen...

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Greetings Bleedgreen22. We mean you no harm. Please disregard the scattered limbs and torsos you see in front of us at Blue Bomber HQ. Our kind will not feed for at least another 15 minutes.

Now to some worldly advice from yours truly... DO NOT DRAFT O-LINEMEN if you want to fix your offensive line in a timely manner. Newly drafted linemen need a couple of seasons at least to figure out how not to get killed. Plus, the really really highly graded draftees will disappear to the NFL and spend the entire year in that sinkhole known as 'The Practice Roster'. There they will languish for months or even years before they return to the team that drafted them.

Tell your GM to aquire solid O-Linemen the way WE get them (by aquiring other team's free agents).

You're welcome! :grinning: :+1:


Fajardo should be in Hamilton. Bo will be in Saskatchewan. Bo from out west and prefer to be closer to home. He will not be with Ticats! Sean Whyte will be back in BC and not Winnipeg. Most kicker like to play football indoor and not out in the cold.

What the sports media does best these days, groundless rumours.

Bo is going east
The Bombers are old
Only two certainties

With Dyce as new HC I would be surprised to see Dedmon go anywhere.

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I'm not sure anyone suggesting Fajardo going to Edmonton is a fan. The Elks already have 2 younger QB's with the same skill set as Cody, who is at his best when he's running. Cornelius & Ford both are better runners & both have bigger arms. Paying him would mean cutting Cornelius loose or carrying significant QB salary, further decreasing the money available needed to shore up other areas. Cornelius would be a better backup than a lot around the CFL right now & wouldn't be out there long. Likely it would also slow Ford's development. The high strung Fajardo looks out for himself & doesn't look a a mentor to me.

I just can't see it happening. Huge mistake if it does IMO.

Dedmon to Elks - I'm good with. Doubt he won't get a deal done to stay in Ottawa but would be nice....

Sean Whyte will resign in BC. When he came to Edmonton he made it clear that when he was ready he wanted to move back to the coast. He's from Whiterock and I don't see him leaving again....

Fajardo to Edmonton? Mcadoo was halfway to Edmonton by the time Jones called him and I think Cody was a big part the reason why.

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Agree Evans and Williams should walk, but Moore’s a keeper IMO. He recovered well from last season’s injury and hasn’t skipped a beat. Kid always plays like he’s got something to prove.
As for QB, Riders need to mend fences with Fajardo and provide him adequate protection. Problem solved. He flourished behind the OL we had in 2019, but he’s been running for his life ever since.

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If Fajardo ends up in Hamilton we'll simply concede year 20 of the 5 Year Plan...

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"To add an experienced, elite kicker like Whyte could put them into an unreachable stratosphere."

The Bombers just dumped half their cap into players who looked old and overmatched most of the year (especially in the Grey Cup). 10 wins tops in '23 for the Bombers. #fortheL

For a person whose team has no QB, no offensive line, almost all of its receivers to sign, several LBs and most of its DBs to sign, you should really be more concerned and focus on what your team is going to look like. 35 players in all. I’m not sure how your team will look next year, but I’m guessing 3-15, maybe 4-14, but that’s a stretch.

And you want to slag the Bombers! Thanks for showing up!

BTW, where did you get the numbers for the salaries of the recently re-signed Bombers?


And a vacant OC position that a few have turned down interviewing for with a head coach with one year remaining on his contract. The reality is, this won't make it easy to attract FA's let alone sign their own impending FA's.
After the dumpster fire of the Rider's last season and next season being in question, it may not be the best idea to point fingers across provincial borders.

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Your additional points are very valid as well. I didn’t want to dump on RidersPride too badly.

Seems like some of these posters don’t remember to take their own teams situation into account

Actually the easiest position to learn for a rookie on offense is the Oline. A rookie Canadian guard, centre or even Fry at RT can be a huge upgrade.

I certainly agree with not wanting to dump on the many great Rider fans but the reasonable ones will understand that stating an observation of the difficulties their team is facing this off season is not a condemnation of their storied team.