O'Leary: Oliveira's impatience for success pays off

Brady Oliveira had trucked up and down the field against his opponents, breaking their spirits and possibly the scoreboard along the way.

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What this young man has accomplished on the football field is amazing, but more importantly what he is accomplishing off the field is even more impressive… Keep up the great work, you are a source of pride for your community… wishing you much continued success on and off field


Based on this story it seems that Brady NEEDS an eighteen-game regular season to be happy. More power to him!

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I have no idea how the RB position has taken a back seat the past decade. It’s a strength I always want on my team.


All it takes for CFL teams to lean their rosters towards one trend or another is for the perennial winners to set the example. Toronto’s already mimicking our backfield with either Canadian RB Great Andrew Harris or soon to be great Canadian-in-appearance-only AJ Ouellette. A year or two from now we’ll see the Elks running over everybody with a ratio breaking backfield that’ll consist of Canadian QB/RB Tre Ford and his trusty Canuck sidekick RB Johnny Augustine (just kidding…he loves it here). They’ll be just like us only more annoying because it’ll be an Edmonton team.