O'Leary: Montreal goes all-in with Trevor Harris

When his flight gets into Montreal and he gets settled in his new digs, before all of the learn-an-offence-in-fast-forward stuff happens, you’d think there might have be a quick meeting between Trevor Harris and his new/old teammate, Almondo Sewell.

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In order for this recent trade of Trevor Harris to the Montreal Alouettes to work, he must be given a fair chance to take the number one quarterback position. I cannot see Trevor Harris being content as a backup even though his best years are behind him. Stay focused and healthy and remain positive Trevor as your team competes for a playoff spot in the up for grabs East Division. :wink: :yin_yang: :rainbow:

Schiltz is the #1 guy until either Vernon gets back on the field or he falters dramatically. He's been in Mtl for awhile and knows the system. Also, you gotta love a guy, who in his very first game, when taking the field for the first time, goes up to the Ref and introduces himself.

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They need to stick with Schiltz, he has upside, Harris has downslide.

Gotta love the introduction. Did not know that. I don't, however, expect that MTL obtained Harris to be a backup. He won't start Game 1 of his tenure but might do so as soon as Game 2. He is clearly better than the other two options right now although he may not be as good as the other two long term. I have suggested trading Schlitz to Winnipeg to serve as a competent backup. We will throw in a case of Pabst.

There is zero chance Shiltz is traded this season. Not going to happen. We acquired Harris because Vernon Adams's season is likely over and the next guy on the depth chart is a raw NCAA rookie (Patterson). Harris gives us a good fallback option if/when Shiltz falters. But as long as Shiltz is productive and we win games, he'll stay in the game. Harris will come in if Shiltz falters or gets injured.

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You may be right about not being traded. i don't know how serious the injury to Adams is and obviously there would be no point in trading Schlitz if Adams is gone for the year. I am making a suggestion for Winnipeg to obtain a better backup, and somewhat facetiously doing so. I do think, however, that Schlitz is likely to have only one start and that he must play well and win to have any more. Harris, while maybe not capable of leading MTL to the promised land, has far more experience and two mammoth playoff games under his belt and don't see the point of obtaining him to sit on the bench. I expect he will start soon, even if Adams returns.

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I agree that Shiltz won't have a long leash. I'd say he has two games' grace to struggle before Harris steps in. But if Shiltz is playing well and the team is winning, Khari Jones would be foolish to sabotage that momentum just to give Harris some playing time. Harris is a veteran, and should be able to come off the bench on short notice and still be productive.

Adams went on the 6-game with an injury to his non-throwing shoulder. So he's done for the regular season. It's possible he's back in time for the playoffs, but there would be a fair amount of rust, and Montreal is also in the thick of a playoff race and can't afford to slip in the standings while he's injured.

I think Harris is a stop gap starter at this point in his career, or to be more specific, a good veteran back-up, who can still start temporarily at this point in his career. It'll be interesting to see where this all ends up, but I wouldn't be surprised if we see some more Musical Chair QB's this off season.

Hey, I like Pabst Blue Ribbon. The only American beer I do like. Did you know that it is the healthiest beer for lack of chemicals, while Miller High Life is the worst. About Schiltz, Mtl has a difficult five weeks coming up and I wouldn't be surprised to see Harris at some point. However, I don't see Mtl letting Schiltz go at all.

That's what everyone said about Collaros not too long ago.