O'Leary: Local reporters help reflect on REDBLACKS' expansion year

It was a season that football fans in Ottawa had hoped and waited for through 18 long years and in 2014, it finally happened.

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Hey! 18 years completely washes out the Renegades! And though they were never very good in their brief existence, the ‘Gades brought me loads of great memories. The Canada Day Miracle, Kerry Joseph’s 1000 yard rushing season...my dad and I went to every game.
On topic though, the expansion 2014 Redblacks were the best 2-16 football ever! That sounds weird, but they should have been 6-12 at least. Their defence was exceptional - allowing ZERO offensive touchdowns in, if I recall, 5 games, maybe more... they just couldn’t score.
Still remember Dobson Collins’ once-in-a-lifetime onside punt TD tho :grin:

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