O'Leary: Lions roar in Campbell's culture

Through the course of a 15-minute session with media on Friday in Winnipeg, Rick Campbell set the tone for his team’s demeanour ahead of its second Western Final clash in as many years with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

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It will be interesting to see how the Lions manage the windy and around zero weather but I expect it to be a close game. The one possible edge that tips the tilt in the Blue Bomb’s favor might be the legs of Oliveira. The cold and wind could limit the Lion’s advantage in the form of Vern Adams. Winds of 20 and gusting to 40 will not make for a pass-happy environment. Turnovers though, could flip this game in either direction so picking the winner is a fools errand. As I am a fool I will venture a close, semi-low-scoring game with the Bombs eventually finding a way to control the game with Oliveira’s legs and pulling out a never certain victory by the score of 23-18.

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Not a bad prediction on the score. Maybe Vernon Adams has an impact with his rushing ability? The Lions did show some ability to get to Collaros at times but it is the Bomber game to lose.

You are correct… it is the Bombers game to lose but I don’t think the Lions will freeze to death and just roll over. It can’t be that cold in Winterpeg yet.

Dane Evans comes into the game to start the second half ,lookout ,….he throws bombs unless BigHill cheap shots him again ……Go Dane !

Campbells’ culture was learned from his Father , Hugh and the Eskimoe dynasties.

Well done on such a prescient prediction on the score and the overall game! Being a Winnipegger, I absolutely believe that winter conditions can play a factor and visiting teams needs to be prepared. Here’s my comment on this in another thread.

Blind squirrel and all that. Both games were amazing! I expect a close one in the Grey Cup.