O'Leary: Lemon walks it like he talks it for another year

MONTREAL — One-by-one, Shawn Lemon shifted through the large, shapeless figures in front of him. Full speed, knocking them to his left, his right, ducking under them, spinning around them.

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The Real Lemonador

It is mind-boggling that a guy of Lemon’s caliber was sitting at home until Montreal reached out.

Congratulations to Shawn Lemon for an outstanding regular season. He worked hard for it.

Reading his quotes from the time he joined the Als, I’d like to say that I have been going through some adversity myself in my personal and professional life, and listening to what Shawn Lemon has to say about adversity is very inspiring to me.

It’s one thing to give a person advice dealing with adversity but it’s another thing when a public role model like Shawn Lemon walks the talk.

Thanks Shawn, and good luck tomorrow. Have a fantastic game and put all that hard work and preparation to good use.