O'Leary: Harris takes one for the team to help for 2021

Trevor Harris’ last completed pass came on Nov. 17, 2019 in the East Final against the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. As the final pages slip off of the 2020 calendar, we’re nearly 13.5 months away from that moment, which came in the dying seconds of a disappointing loss to the Ticats.

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To Chris O'Leary:

Amongst Edmonton's signings 5, including Trevor Harris, were for contracts' restructurings. The other 4 players that had signed contracts for 2021 and accepted a reduction of salaries for 2021 are:

OL David Beard
DB Jonathon Mincy
DL Mike Moore
OL Jacob Ruby


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I think is is appropriate and a great thing that Trevor Harris and the others are interested in financially helping their club survive after this pandemic. Bo levi Mitchell restructured his contract about Dec 27/19 (before Covid-19) and recently Reilly did the same. It certainly shows commitment by these leaders to the success of their team. Bravo Guys.

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Another great talent let go by the Argos....great gesture Trevor!

Welcome to the forums, @Bigbounce! Hah, I had forgot that Harris was a backup for the Argos a few years back.

another great talent let go by Ottawa