O'Leary: Five storylines for the Eastern, Western Finals

We’ve reached the final four portion of the 2021 season.

The home teams triumphed in the Eastern and Western Semi-Finals, with Hamilton putting away Montreal and Saskatchewan pulling out a dramatic OT win over Calgary, setting the stage for a pair of big games that will take us to the 108th Grey Cup in Hamilton on Dec. 12.

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Hamilton was lucky to have beaten the Als. The Als had more net yards, more first downs, more second downs and more fumbles.

You have to make plays and protect the football to win football games, The birds didn't

Wasn't able to see much of the East Semi but did watch most of the western game. The Riders turned the ball over a lot and won.

They seemed to be a little more disciplined in this game than in previous contests. Discipline and turn overs will be big on Sunday, as will the cold. The running game will be a key and the Bombers Harris and the Rider tandem of Fajardo/Powell will likely be doing a lot of running on a cold day. Sk. will need to keep the game close going into the 4rth quarter to have a chance. The Bomber front 7 could really put a mismatch on the Rider O-line. The Rider special teams have a big advantage over the Bombers.
I am sticking with Hamilton and Goliath in the Grey Cup. But.... I picked Calgary to win over SK in OT 27-24. It is a one and done...should be fun!

Any new updates on Harris? He's been out with a knee injurie against Edm in late October.

No official word, as expected, but he looks unlikely to play again this year.

Thanks for the reply.

Harris is still listed as "out indefinitely".

-9C levels the playing field a little bit. Just because it is more difficult to pass and makes scoring a large number of points more difficult and a Defence may lean more to focus on the run, simply due to the cold. In the 2 previous tilts these teams had, Fajardo had no time to throw and could not run around the edge. The Rider O-line could not handle the blocking required to allow Fajardo any success.
When I look back at the West final in Calgary in 2019 Strevler (sp.?) did a lot of running in that game, pinch hitting for Collaros. I can't see Collaros running much, his concussion history would likely play against that plan. It will be up to the Winnipeg O line to create some holes for the Bomber backs and give time to pass on a very cold evening. 20 pts should win the game...maybe less.
Goliath 17 - Sk 8. (May the better team NOT win!) Lol.

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In football, there are really two teams, the dreaded two-headed Tiger
took on the Alouettes. The Tiger-Cat defence swallowed up Montreal's talent and spat them out half-eaten to the roar of the crowd, while the offensive team did enough to win the game. What's luck got to do with it?

sk only put up 8 points max watch for that to continue WPG 31 sk 8 at best
should be a willie jefferson show on sunday go blue back to back cups cheers

Harris participated in a FULL practice today according to the latest injury reports today. Not sure if he is 100% healthy, but if he practices again on Thursday/Friday, pretty sure he is suiting up.

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I have to disagree with your assertion that the Rider special teams have a big advantage over the Bombers. Just how do you see that? I get that the Riders have had a couple of very special onside kicks and a couple of good runs out of Morrow but Winnipeg counters with Janarion Grant who is an exceptional proven returner and also the likes of Mike Miller who is the all-time special teams tackler! I would give the Bombers the return game and the coverage game and give the Riders the edge on field goals.