O'Leary: Five off-season storylines to follow

Having worked my way through a handful of CFL seasons now, there’s a pace to the six-month grind of it that I’ve come to rely on.

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Some good candidates out there but Mass is not one of them. He wears his emotions on his sleeve to openly and that just doesn't cut it with professional athletes. Just look at his tenure in Edmonton as HC and Sask as Oc. I'm talking as a coach, not as a player, who you want to see his emotions.

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Ineresting that Buck Pierce isn't mentioned for any of the HC positions in this article. Maybe he's indicated that he's happy in the Peg for now.


He may well be. Buck married a girl from Winnipeg and I am told he is very happy here.


Reminds me of a beautiful limerick about tender romance here in the 'Peg:

"There once was an OC named Buck...

Note to all good citizens: (ahem) the above limerick has been interupted due to extremely naughty adult content anticipated by CFL Staff and stray geese. We do not tolerate this sort of wanton banter which suggests any sort of exchange of bodily fluids whatsoever in the CFL and trust that you all have learned a valuable lesson today. I know I have.

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Woild love to see Bo Levi, Fajardo or Harris in Toronto to tandem with Chad Kelly if Bethel Thompson isn't back.

I think (if MBT retires) Chad Kelly has earned the right to start. Maybe bring in an older QB to back him up but it has to someone who knows they are there to be a backup, not start.

If MBT retires, Bo ends up in Toronto. Connected to the coaches there, players, knows the system intimately. Rest of QB's? Adams would do well to stay in BC. Unlikely Rourke leaves next season. Do you want to go back to Riders for round 2 with so many questions - coach, GM may have 1 year to go. Could be facing big housecleaning. Unclear who is the OC this year? Rumour has it that it may be Jeffries their RB coach. Who's the receivers coach? Bad move letting Moore go iMO. Best bet is for the Riders & TiCats to bury the hatchet & re-sign their guys if Adams stays in BC. Although that would not look good in Regina.

Yeah, I can see Maas in Mtl. He & Danny have a history as do Trevor & Jason. That would likely lock up Harris 'coz he would, or should, be someone the Riders look at.

I was surprised Buck wasn't on the list. But the Ottawa vacancy, no matter that he is very qualified, is likely a no-go. Not after how the last Bomber OC worked out there.

Bombers? I'll say this which is true regardless where you play. As players get into the 30's the choices become harder. Do you try & land the big money while you can? From the team side you have to make choices partly based on age. Hufnagel has, for years followed the Belichick strategy (read the book). Find cheaper talent & let players go a year or 2 before their expiry date. In his 14 years as coach/GM he has 11 1st & 2nd finishes. Only Argos have as many Cups in those years. That's sustained success.

Things are a little different in Winnipeg this year. No threepeat carrot. Things have to change a little when you lose. There are younger teams who will put up a bigger challenge - BC Lions, assuming Rourke is there, is exhibit one.

Until we get past FA it's hard to handicap any one team. It looks to be a fun pre-season beginning in January. :sunglasses:

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If Bo dosnt sign in Hamilton, what do they do? (I personally can’t see Hamilton not giving Bo what he wants)

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They'll be in a pickle in Tim's Ville if Bo doesn't sign... Dane Evans loaded his world into a U-haul a couple days ago and blew that popsicle stand.

It's quickly looking like 'Bo or Bust'.


Exactly right. It leaves both the TiCats & Riders in a pickle. I wasn't aware Adams Jr is signed through next year. Leaving Arbuckle out of it, if Bo lands in TO & McBeth retires, Harris re-signs in Mtl, that leaves only Evans & Fajardo as options for the 2 teams. Good luck selling Regina fans on bringing back Fajardo after keeping the GM & coach. Some change. So....Evans in Regina, Fajardo in Hamilton, both of them not the guys they wanted. Arbuckle all over again. :sunglasses:

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Bo can write his own ticket IMO. A lot hinges on what McBeth does of course. There may be a lot of sleepless nights if Bo waits it out till FA. Riders have talked about Bo coming over, Hamilton wants him, he apparently wants TO. What do you have available for FA's if you're in the hunt for Bo but can't get a commitment? Gonna be fun watching it all unfold. :sunglasses:

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Jeremiah Masoli might be available for Ottawa if his rehab doesn't suffer any more setbacks. A serious knee infection after surgery kept his leg off the ground until recently.

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Yeah I was thinking that the only teams that are set at QB today with a bonafide starter are Ottawa and Winnipeg (and BC if Rourke stays).

I’m also not sure why anyone is excited about Bo. He hasn’t played well since 2018, doesn’t have much of an arm, is immobile and throws too many interceptions. He’s a bonafide second stringer. If you think Bo still has something left then you have to be critical of Hufnagel and Dickenson for letting him go. I agree with them, even though Maier still has a lot to prove.

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Other than the obvious and many warts Bo comes with, he DOES have Grey Cup experience and he's only 32 years of age. Someone's going to throw money at him if the Tigercats haven't already done so.

Let them I say. That would be a big mistake in my opinion.

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Maybe... but what if Bo doesn't sign with Hamilon? Dane Evans already loaded up the U-Haul and headed out of town. Unless someone else catches their eye they'll have to go with Shiltz and Newman.

I might take Shlitz over Bo and certainly over Bud. It’s still early. We’ll see.

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No Khari Jones in Ottawa, please. Don't think the team needs a player's coach.

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I see you are coming around. As I have said, there is a dearth of bonafide starters in the league & I wouldn't necessarily include Masoli.

He's missed more games than he has played the last 4 years - 28 games. Couldn't hold the starting job in Hamilton as they went back & forth with Evans & concluded Evans was better, & has been a #2 guy most of his career.

Masoli runs real hot & real cold. He had a great year in 2018 but got injured the following year & Dane outplayed him. He never really won his job back, thus why the TiCats kept Evans. In the 4 games he started this year he had 2 TD's 2 INT's & a QB Efficiency of 92.1 - meh. Coming 35 this year, he pretty much is what he is.