O'Leary: Five-ish dream free agent pairings

Sometimes we all feel like visionaries.

We wonder what our favourite burger supplier could offer up if they partnered with that nice French restaurant you went to for a special occasion last year. Maybe you imagine Tom Hardy as the next James Bond, or you think about the musical possibilities of an All-Star cast of present-day musicians doing a Motown cover album (that one admittedly is very specific to my likings).

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I love these “what if” scenarios. They are great coffee conversation pieces and really, you can have endless possibilities. Give us some more.

Oliveira or Ouellette would be dandy but they would be expensive. Dane Evans has to stay; VA needs a reliable backup in pressure situations, where the latter has a tendency to fold. Betts no doubt will be moving on. What the Lions really need is to beef up the O line. VA is no Rourke; he needs extra time to release the ball. As long as Hatcher and Hollins stay, things will still look good for the Lions.