O'Leary: Five Grey Cup storylines to follow

Two full years after the Winnipeg Blue Bombers topped the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in the 107th Grey Cup, they get to do it again when they meet on Sunday at Tim Hortons Field.

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Bombers with the repeat

24 - 12 Winnipeg


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If the Bombers can clean up the turnovers the Ti-Cats could be in for a long afternoon. If they can't... well the Riders could not punish them for their errors. Bombers by a touchdown.

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Whatever the reason this season 2021 has been a work in progress for all teams except the Bombers. The Bombers are a great team and remained all season the only complete team. No other team was developed enough to give them a run for the money. Even the Tiger-Cats are still a team, in the making, trying desperately to become a complete team. This is the year of the incomplete team while Winnipeg is the only complete team, and a great team to boot.


By next June the incomplete teams will have completely eaten us through turnovers and free agency. Only the bones will remain (heavy sigh).

I've got my fingers and toes crossed hoping that Kyle Walters will somehow rebuild our soon to be depleted roster in time to make another run. :grimacing:

In... maybe it was 2018... I was sitting with Kyle Walters at the CFL Combine (my thing is computers and they were working so I had time to chitchat) and as each participant came through he rattled off their university, stats, pros and cons - he knew every single one of the 90 to 110 players attending, memorized, with no need to look at his notes (which he had). I think you're in good hands.


Wow. Just wow. That's very reassuring. Every time I learn something new about this guy my hair grows less grey. :grin:

I really like this 2021 Grey Cup rematch-For 2 reasons. I am getting tired of reading "How great this Bomber team is ! No professional sports teams are INVINCIBLE :yin_yang: The way I see it is the Hamilton Tiger Cats are in a perfect position to flip the script and therefore win the 2021 Grey Cup.

P.S. I will be cheering for the Cats, due to the fact they beat my hometown Argos in the East Final :sweat_smile: :rofl: :joy:

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Cheer all you want but I wouldn’t bet on them.

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Lol! You should have posed that as a question.
"Cheer all you want, but would you bet on them?"

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