O'Leary: Five free agency game changers

The 2024 edition of CFL free agency offers a unique market.

A quick look at the list of pending free agents shows us that the vast majority of starting quarterbacks in the league are already under contract for at least next season. That doesn’t mean there won’t be change at the most important position in the game for some teams, but compared to years past (shoutout to the FA QB bumper crop of 2019), we largely already know who to expect to see under centre across the country when the 2024 season rolls around.

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Alas, thee forgets MacBeth… thou art a dum dum. Thou doth not speaketh his name? Why not render unto Ottawa or Hamilton that which will surely belongeth to one of them? And what of Fur Coateo? He of crazy legs lore bringeth many wins to the table. His ship grows near. Will thee not speaketh his name either? Surely (I shall call thee Shirley) ‘Streveler thy Leveler’ in his absence shall haunt thine free agency picks. And if the running play be the thing then 'tis best for us that Augustine be under thy radar (we wanna keep him in case Brady O bolts).

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Aand the whole “respect the Grey Cup winners” thing lasted about 5 minutes, clearly.

Shawn Lemon? Darnell Sankey? Tyrice Beverette?


Forum members (I won’t say who) have been burning witches over their team’s failure to sign Shawn Lemon before the Als did. What a difference Lemon and Sankey might’ve made to Hamilton’s failed attempt to host their own Cup.

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Oliveira has stated he wants a go @ the NFL (he’ll be back) or get paid, wherever that may be. He will be back with the Bombers who will make him the highest paid RB in the league. Schoen, OTOH is likely gone - both Demski & Lawler’s deals call for a raise in the 2nd year so, unless the Bombers are prepared to invest about $700K in 3 WR’s, Schoen is unaffordable.

I would be surprised to see Betts, Revenberg or Ouellette go to another club.

Looks like it’s between Mace & Pierce for the Rider job. Should Mace get it, he will bring some Argos with him. Should Pierce get it, Dru Brown likely follows, maybe Schoen. Right now IMO Pierce probably has the inside job. It’s the offence that needs fixing there moreso than the D. But either would be a good hire.

If I were Sask., Revenberg would be my priority. You must have a good offensive line. it doesn’t matter how good your quarterback or receivers if he doesn’t have time to throw the ball. Next would be the defensive line. I wouldn’t sign Neufeld or the other offensive linemen from Wpeg, because both are too old, and Neufeld has character issues. After someone’s stabbed you once in the back, you don’t give him the opportunity to do it again. Streveler might be a good signing as a qb, but only if he has the offensive line to protect him. Same goes for Olivera. Without a good offensive line(even if their character is offensive), its not worth signing him.

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Welcome to the forum! Good points made. Maybe O’Day will heed your words and upgrade that abysmal O-Line of his.

Welcome to the forum as well.

I’m just not sure what you mean by Neufeld having character issues. I hadn’t heard that before and no such issues in Winnipeg I am aware of. Could you elaborate?

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That’s a puzzler. Maybe he’s confusing Neufeld with Newman.

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