O'Leary: Fajardo grateful for playoff opportunity

MONTREAL — Cody Fajardo stood in the wilderness of free agency back in February and knew that he was at a crossroad.

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Nope! Try again


Sounds like from the article, that with a small twist of fate Fajardo could have been a Tiger-Cat. The Fajardo-Cat. It has an exotic ring the Fajardo-Cat and the Cats may have had a spicy season with Fajardo. The Hamilton front four in every play in the eastern semi-final will be saying you’re ours, Fajardo! He could have been the Cody-Cat. :black_cat:

Cody is an all-around good guy, even the folks on the other side of the line like him:)
He has handled his challenges with maturity and perspective.
And he is also a very talented QB.
Good luck today Cody.